Saturday, April 25, 2020

Covid19 ZC ECQ Day37 - extended ECQ

Yesterday, the Nation Government announced that some provinces including NCR will continue to be under ECQ. Zamboanga City supposedly was marked under the moderate risk group but the mayor opted to continue to implement ECQ also.

Today is day1 of my 4-day weekend... I filed for a 2-day leave as gift for the daddyboo's birthday. We were supposed to be on leave around this time for the 7seas trip anyway. Everything on my part at the office seems to be stable for now, I think I can afford the 2-day leave.... :-) I was on the phone with sir kits when these boys suddenly invaded my space at the balcon.... I asked what the commotion was all about and then these.... :D We're supposed to let the boys' hair grow long this quarantine season until school's back.... but these 3 boys decided to have it cleaned on the ear-part.... :D 

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Covid19 ZC ECQ Day 31 - in the mood to clean

since all these started I always felt drained during workdays so I take advantage to rest during weekends... but this Sunday is different! felt the urge to clean and so we did! (good thing the mateo is always eager to help).... 

cleaning the bathroom brought out the OC me.... yung pagbuhos mo ng Mr.Muscle e kita mo yung difference ng dinaanan sa hindi... parang advertisement ng Tide: "Gulat ka!?" hehehe

had a little snack break with the boys after cleaning the room.... we missed our "party party" sa balcon... that means eating junk foods.... hehehe i introduced a programming app to them... which I hope would entice them to go on.... but during our tambay, i had this convo with mateo:

me (after seeing his chips fell off): bilis wala pang 5 seconds!
mateo: bakit mommy? anong mangyayari sa 5 seconds?
me: pupunta na ang mga bacteria (hahahaha!)
mateo: sino nakadiscover nyan? yung scientist? inexperiment nya?
me: (to keep this kabaliwan going) oo! 
mateo: oo nga mommy, nung yung last na ang kukunin ko kasi 5 seconds na may nakita akong orange na bacteria na papalapit!

hahahaha lakas ng topak natin mateo! :D

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Covid19 ZC ECQ Day 30 - forcing some sweat

reviving Promding Chamimay in this time of Covid.... just to help keep me sane.... :-) 

first post.... but will try to trace back some from day 1 of Zambo ECQ....

F45 trial zoom-based workout.... :-) loved that i was forced to work out... but sad that i won't be able to join in the next days since schedule does not fit mine.... but hope to push through with working out on my own before preparing for work.... 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

my first-aid kit

well... read this from Art-Parasites and im inspired to make mine.... a list of what makes me soooo damn glad i exist in the here and now.... :-)

1) all the moments with my boys.... the cute ones, the you-guys-are-making-me-nuts ones, the you-make-me-one-proud-mama ones.... :-)

2) the soft and warm afternoon sunshine through our kitchen windows

3) clear/cloudless night sky (specially between October-February because i can identify a lot of constellations during these times) in a place without too much light that you could see the Milky Way!!!

4) smell of authentic italian pasta and pizza!!! smell's soooo comforting for me, feels like digging your face in ultra soft pillow.... :-)

5) travels!!! the smell and feel of a new place.... that awesome feeling of something new.... of being taken out of your routine....

------ posting this now, April 19, 2020.... 3years after... while we're in the middle of a Covid pandemic... went back to Promding Chamimay when I was feeling all stressed for covid preps... and found this unposted... definitely a first-aid kit.... helped me calm a bit.... :-)

Thursday, December 29, 2016

revisit of 2016 goals

my yearend activity.... :-) let's see....

just so i won't hate myself at the end of the year for not doing one.... :-) here goes...

1) Family trip to Manila! - because we haven't been in one place at the same time for soooo long, specially now that we have Motmot and Lulu... :-) As of this post we already have it's just a matter of bringing our arses to the airport and fly! see you unoluluchay! :-) - this actually happened!!! a bit stressful but yey!!!! :-) may bonus pang coco martin!!!


2) Surf trip with Cherry - itodo na ang gala dahil wala ng travel ban! :-) let's make this come true dude! i'm targetting July or August... kahit La Union lang game na! :-) - and this happened....twice!!! Mati and Baler!!! but naman! natuloy nga pero di naman nakapagsurf hahaha if hindi super flat dahil off season, super bagyo naman! hahaha maybe we should go to La Union naman, baka matutuloy na dun! hhahaha :-)

3) Tawi-tawi trip - RyeRay are going so i'm seriously considering joining! :-) i know i got my tix.... but i can't believe i chickened out!!! kudos to you too for pushing through and even went a little crazy for going up BudBungao towards sunset and going down after!!! but t'was nice seeing you in my world rayrye! :-)

Monday, April 11, 2016

hirit paolo!

paolo: daddy...pag ang baby devil ba nagbadboy e papaluin din sya ng daddy devil?

daddyboo: opo
paolo: e kung papaluin sya e di mag-good boy na ang baby devil.... magiging angel na sya!!!
me after hearing it all: ..... how complicated!!! :-) san naman nanggaling yan paolo???

paolo: wala aking buhay....


Monday, April 4, 2016

my 34th sa office

thank you Team Finance sa overflowing balloons and cakes... was just supposed to be my turn to treat lunch pero ginawa nyong bongga. :-) thanks din mam jhi, juvee, mam may, MRS pips and Mam Tet and NSO pips sa pagdalaw... :-)

t'was a nice light kind of day...perfect to start a new point of view to a lot of things that makes me question my status quo.... :-)
ang major fail na balloon surprise hehehehe thanks girls!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

my 34th at woodland

was initially thinking of doing a staycation in a hotel to celebrate my birthday, but decided to just head to Woodland instead to have more fam with us... the kiddos definitely had fun.... but the place was so full which we're not used to, because usually this is some quiet place for us to get away to... 

my 2 tig-blow ng candles always... :-)

Thursday, March 31, 2016

march2016 random paomat moments

i don't what's gotten into these 2 and they suddenly wanted to have photos with jobee (jollibee camins - 2016.03.12)
and need din na may tig-isa (jollibee camins - 2016.03.12)
di pa nakuntento... when they saw another jobee inside KCC, ngdemand pa... (KCC - 2016.03.12)
trip to the mall is an event for these 2 since we dont get to bring them often (we live a bit far, and going to the only big mall in zambo on weekends after lunch is parking suicide hehe) - (kcc - 2016.03.12)
during the tambay in jobee camins, they have their favorite spot for watching planes during take-off or landing (jollibee camins - 2016.03.12)

we helped a grass owl!

our lolo noticed the owl on our neighbor's rooftop first.... it's trying to free itself since its wing got tied up with a rouge kite's string... the owl's beginning to look exhausted, looks like it had been there for some time....the sun's getting hotter as it's around 8am already, poor bird... good thing our neighbor's karpinteros helped with their bamboo ladder to free mr.owl.... they're giving it for us to take care after but the lolo doesn't want to, thus the heartbreak for our pao. the neighbor agreed to keep it in their big cage-like water tank "cabinet"...the kiddos get to visit mr.owl during his first day.... i told the kids to go look for lizards and mouse to feed mr.owl... but they didn't get to... the bird barely ate the whole day....

the following day, asking help from mam june, we had people from DENR over to get and care for the bird until its ready to go back to the wild...

it had been a privilege to meet you Mr. Grass Owl.... it's not everyday that we see one rare bird... and best, it's not everyday that we can save one! :-) i hope we will get to see you before they release you back to your world...


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