Monday, March 29, 2010

Dipolog: conquered Linabo Peak! :-)

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this was supposed to be a last option in our Dipolog-Dapitan itinerary because we know how physical this can get... we were supposed to climb 3003 steps to get to the peak of Linabo...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ang mga Balangay... bow

after days of ranting that i wont be able to see the 2 balangay visit Zamboanga City... we were finally able to find a way!!! (sorry for having a first pic with my face all over... im just toooo happy that i get the chance to see Diwata ng Lahi and Masawa Hung Butuan plus Tiririt for real before their adventure in Southeast Asia)

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i first found out about this project through Anton Diaz's blog last June3,2009. At that time I was already scheduled to go home, that's why I got too hooked on this project since Zamboanga City was one of the major stops of the balangay voyage. I knew I would be able to meet them, their expected arrival in Zamboanga City was Feb14,2010. Since then I've been checking their blog to note their location and check on updates about their stops.

Friday, March 19, 2010

nice to meet you BASILAN!

finally! after years of trying (including all the excuses iv got for my parents back in highschool) im able to set foot in Basilan!!! (my parents seemed forced to allow me since they know there's no stopping me from my lakwatsa mode)

this is my first trip this 2010. :-)

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one of the first sites you'll notice once you reached their port is this mosque on stilts... iv seen a lot of houses on stilts here in zambo but my first to see their mosque built that way too. :-) this is on the other side of the bridge visible from the port... but i was able to take this photo when we happen to pass by the bridge while running around for some errand. :-)

Saturday, March 13, 2010


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