Thursday, September 30, 2010

i'm officially in love with Tacloban!

beyond McArthur and San Juanico bridge... I am surprised I enjoyed our quick trip to Tacloban! :-) i've been worried it would end up like another typical tour so until the last minute iv been scourging the net for anything interesting about the place... i was even suggesting to Ezra that we should try going out of Tacloban and probably try Ormoc or go to Samar and we might probably find something more interesting there... :-)

it turned out we didn't even have enough time to go to everything in our Tacloban must see, must eat list... :-) hehe

Monday, September 27, 2010


There's 2 major change in my life that happened in the past 3years.... both really changed the direction of my monotonous life... :-)

lost 40lbs in 3months!
i didn't expect i could lose so much fat so quickly... the weight loss wasn't planned or anything... although my roommates kept on telling me then that iv become so, not big..HUGE already hehe i still keep on denying that i am... until i felt the need for some space and some air. i feel so suffocated with my daily routine... more than 12hours of work in my cubicle, then spending the rest of the day in my apartment...

good thing i have a jogging buddy (ezra). it became easier to push myself to jog everyday 4x a week and lessen my calorie intake... she was also trying to lose weight so it silently became a race for the 2 of us... if im the one who's losing the motivation she's the one hyped to jog... the same happens if it's her who's not in the mood to jog... and so we didn't miss a day for 3 months! and voila! iv lost 40lbs!!!

the weight loss boost my self-confidence... i became more daring in a lot of things...i feel like i can do more, explore more, experience life more... it's a totally different world for me now that i've shrinked... i dunno how to express what the 40lb difference made such an impact in my life.... :-)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

1st outfit post! :-)

i started blogging because i was inspired by Anton Diaz's travel/food blog (Our Awesome Planet)... I just thought of sharing my travel experiences rather than just dumping all photos with little kwento in my multiply account. :-) but last April i discovered Denise Katipunera's blog and then later discovered other chic bloggers... their kind of blogging seems fun! specially with all the ukay finds... :-) i thought of creating another blog (talk about over excited hehe)... but then i dont think i will still have the time to maintain another blog... so here... am using my promding chamimay for my outfit posts too!!!

so here... my outfit blog premiere... :-) hehe it's nice that i get to have ezra (my GE all-nighters/travel/photo/at kung ano ano pa buddy) take my photos for this....
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