Saturday, March 16, 2013

revisiting my purpose for taking MBA

i am in my 2nd trimester in the program (well it's basically the school year's 3rd already)... and after a full December2012 of no class i am suddenly losing steam in continuing when we resume classes in January... for 2 saturdays i have been constantly wishing that professors would declare no classes... hehe i am just too lazy to go anymore, considering that i would rather spend my saturdays with my P... 

so why am i exactly subjecting myself to this... why am i spending half of my weekend away from my kiddo....i dont think that this is going to put me in a different level in terms of skills... because looking through the curriculum, it's basically a repeat of everything for a business course graduate, that's why as much as possible i did not want to go through it... it's actually something that won't give you an edge when looking for a job in Manila...but since i decided to go back to zamboanga in 2009, i know things like this matters in the province, specially if you're going to work with the government (which is usually one of the good options if you're going to work in a non-metro city like zamboanga). But i did not end up working for the government anyway, and so far my current company believes more in my performance rather than any higher degree, so i dont think i need to take MBA for work purposes... but im still going through it... well as a backup of some sort (just in case i would still end up with a government office, worst case scenario)... and i would like to experience teaching major accounting subjects later... so just to make sure i will have no regrets later (as much as i am having now, i should have done this once i went back to zambo in 2009 and before getting married and P).... 


wrote this back in January and i can't remember why i did not post this.... we're on our last day of this trimester today (yey major papers and final exams!!!), that's why i remember about this post... i will rest for the next 5 months since i will be giving birth in the middle of the 1st trimester so i don't want to take chances.... i will resume again in August and will have to go through saturdays away from my boys until the 1st quarter of 2015... I'm hating the thought of it.... but for whatever pushed me to do this, i'll finish this no matter what (even though sometimes we end up with not so ok profs... hehehe)... 

fingers crossed.... 

i guess i need to utilize this as well in trying to master managing my time between school, work, my boys, this blog, lakwatsa, and a whole lot of other things i want to do.... :D

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Batibot replays in TV5!

saw this post in Batibot's Facebook page this morning: 

"Batibot Sabado: 8:30am; Batibot Shorts kapag Lunes hanggang Biyernes, 9:30am at 3:00pm. Inyo pong mapapanood sa TV 5!"

i'm just super happy and excited i have Batibot shows for my boys na! :-)

sa mga batang Batibot na mommies jan.... this is good right? :-)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

forcing another comeback

let me try this comeback thing again.... :-) and this time i'll start with a series documenting my little family's first backpacking trip and it's with my Kaladkarins... :-) stay tuned!!! 


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