Friday, April 25, 2014

lunchdate with Parex!

tita lelang missed the first day! wanted to see the pao on the 2nd day only to realize she'll be unavailable for lunch, and i cant on the 3rd day.... so on a friday, we scheduled a lunch date, and remembered to invite Parex too!!! 

pao's first week in toddler school!!!

so our paolo finally started school! that's after several times he had been telling us he's going to school since last year.... and the several times he would tell me that that angry bird bag his ninang ela gave him would be his bag.... and the number of times he would react to kids in uniform with ID in tv shows and say that that's his ID....

but few days before THE DAY, he was saying he doesn't want to go to school anymore, i asked several times why.... he never answered until one weekend he approached me and told me "wala kasama sa school si papao mommy! may mumu dun!" my gosh san nya napulot yan? and all these time yun lang pala ang ngbobother sa kanya! haha! i told him his ate jean will be there with him.... 

day 01!
the "ayaw ko picture" fever is still soooo in! just wanted to take his OOTD on his first day. he looked cute with his bag and school envelop with paper and pencils and crayons inside.... :-)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

lego fever still on!

and i thought we have already moved on form these blocks, kuya pao brought them in the room and spill them all over the bed.... 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

pao school's first day assessment

during our kulitan and harutan before sleep.... daddyboo excitedly asked kuya papao about his first day in school....

Friday, April 11, 2014

oplan papayat!

i have reached an unacceptable level in all health measurements... though i've tried several times since the start of 2014 but it always lack follow ups... and lots of binging.... so do the math and im heavier now than the start of the year! haha!

so i'm going to do the record keeping publicly so i will be forced to be more conscious of my little effort in exercise and diet and huge effort on cheats! :D

as of April 11, 2014.... here's my stats:

Ideal stats:
BMI:                                    19.1 - 25.8 for girls  -  so i'm ver by 0.1! 
Waist to Height Ratio:          50% - over by 1.5%!!!
Body Fat:                            14-31% for girls - urgh! over by 1%!!!

last cheat meal tonight with dinuguan!! hahaha! promiseeee!!!! :D    

link for later recal: :-)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

clay play kahit blackout

the clay play continued on til night.... actually the clay pail slept beside paolo! (well every new toy does so this is no surprise hehe)... blackout as usual but that didn't stop the daddyboo and the kuyaboo from creating stars and lobsters and baby eggs.... so here's a cute photo series that i just want posted separately.... :-)

first clay encounter ng pao

im not sure what the daddyboo's thinking when he bought our 2yrs old some clay.... well, maybe 1. this kid is such an OC when it comes to things so he might listen to us when we teach him how to play with this.... and 2. paolo's reaction everytime he sees something for the first time... :-)

Friday, April 4, 2014

end of 32nd revolution around the sun

i don't usually celebrate my birthday in a big way... even in the office, i rarely feed them on my birthday (hehehehe feed talaga!)... but since last year i just thought of treating my team on that one day a year... just a simple lunch, nothing fancy...and nothing big.... but this year, i got extra surprises... and here are my thank yous! :-)
my team! though di lahat nanjan... andami dami dami ko na palang anak sa office!!!

my mornings

my mornings are always great because it's made up of these.... every single day!!! :-)

it's either paolo or mateo wakes the other and they never mind the intrusion... and they would start giggling and play and do "ligid ligid sa bed" hihihi

this set was taken during my birthday morning.... loooove!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

nursery rhymes night

i have tried not to resort to videos for paolo's learning before....but eventually gave in... i should stop trying to resist technology when teaching kids, just need to learn how to control it though... the videos, we only let them watch when we're home so as not to spoil them and make them get so used to it that they would choose it over actual everytime we're home its lotsa nursery rhymes and bulldozers and backhoes and dump trucks and etc for us.... makes me smile everytime i hear the daddyboo sing along the nursery rhymes on repeat (specially the "the wheels on the bus") which he told paolo before he never heard those before but he now knows by heart, and would even sing it (in a big boy's tune) when driving! signs of a good daddy!!! hihihi
ang serious!!! i think the nursery rhymes playlist that was on that night was the one that i kept on reacting na super brutal.... my first time to listen to the full "Three Blind Mice"...meron palang part dun na the lady cut their tails with a knife!!! and OMG that stuck with paolo! since he's scared of mice he would say "kutsilyuhin ni ate jean buntot ng daga!".... mommy freakout moment na naman!!!!


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