Friday, April 11, 2014

oplan papayat!

i have reached an unacceptable level in all health measurements... though i've tried several times since the start of 2014 but it always lack follow ups... and lots of binging.... so do the math and im heavier now than the start of the year! haha!

so i'm going to do the record keeping publicly so i will be forced to be more conscious of my little effort in exercise and diet and huge effort on cheats! :D

as of April 11, 2014.... here's my stats:

Ideal stats:
BMI:                                    19.1 - 25.8 for girls  -  so i'm ver by 0.1! 
Waist to Height Ratio:          50% - over by 1.5%!!!
Body Fat:                            14-31% for girls - urgh! over by 1%!!!

last cheat meal tonight with dinuguan!! hahaha! promiseeee!!!! :D    

link for later recal: :-)

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  1. Hahahaha.. We have the same problem. I wanted to loose weight pero hirap I give up ng mga cheat meals na yan!! =)



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