Saturday, April 5, 2014

first clay encounter ng pao

im not sure what the daddyboo's thinking when he bought our 2yrs old some clay.... well, maybe 1. this kid is such an OC when it comes to things so he might listen to us when we teach him how to play with this.... and 2. paolo's reaction everytime he sees something for the first time... :-)

hanggang tingin lang ang mateo dahil di pa talaga pwede!

those wondering eyes... :-)

di maalis sa clay ang mga mata.... :-)

i love how observant you are sweetheart... :-)

....and finally touching it for the first time.... :-)

i wish i can be beside you everytime those eyes look like this.... 

happy to be raising one curious kiddo! :-) buti na lang OC sya dahil upto this posting date those 3 colors didn't mix!!!! we still have balls of yellow, blue and red!!!!

created and posted: May 26-29, 2014

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