Saturday, January 31, 2015

just my thoughts on the Fallen44 and its aftermath

nakakagalit talaga ang nangyari sa kanila, lalo na sa kung paano sila pinatay at sa kung paano sila trinato nung patay na sila.... oo ang sama sama ng MILF at ng BIFF sa ginawa nila.... pero mas galit ako sa mga tangang ngdesisyong gawin ng mga SAF yun.... oo duty nila, pero sana pinag-isipan ng mabuti, sabay magpapakita pa ng insensitivity... mas baboy pa sa ginawa ng MILF and BIFF sa Fallen44 ang ginagawa ngayon ni Pnoy!!! 

pero hindi ako agree sa gusto ng mga hindi taga-dito pero feeling may right to demand for an all out war maipaghiganti lang silang 44... para sa mga humihingi ng all out war for "justice" sa 44 SAF.... try living right in the middle of it.... yung tipong you hear gunshots before you sleep... and pag gising mo you'll hear the same sound, may kasama pang mortar!.... and the possibility of that war to spill over right before your doorstep is never zero... and you still try to make things normal by going to work pa rin dahil your hospital didnt close anyway dahil its needed to help the wounded, sundalo or rebelde man... and then you see the wounded in ER fighting for their life (damn why did i freakin tried to sneak in one time! yung sundalo pang na-wow mali ng airstrike nila!).... kung tutuusin maswerte pa kami sa lagay namin nung zambo siege, dahil it was somehow contained in one place, pero i will never forget the fear and the feeling of hopelessness when it doesnt seem to end....right then maiisip mo, tama pa bang dito ko sasayangin ang buhay ko? right then maiisip mo, yung lahat ng taong apektado ng gera sa mindanao for years....kung ako hindi pa harapan sa bala ang naexperience ko pero i already felt hopeless at some point, paano na lang sila.... silang mga nawalan tlga ng bahay, ng kakarampot na ikinabubuhay and worst, ng pamilya.... so ikaw na humihingi ng all out war and trash the peace talks para mapaghiganti yung 44.... try mo lang, kahit minsan mamuhay dito.... but you know what, justice can be served by punishing the assholes who made the wrong decisions for that operation!!! sila ang dapat na binaboy! ano na ang solution sa problema sa mindanao... hindi ko rin alam, ang sakit sa utak kung iisipin actually... for so long i've been apathetic about it, kasi namuhay naman kami sa Zamboanga na kinakaya ang mga pasulpot sulpot na pangbobomba... dahil nasa kabilang mga isla ng basilan, jolo at tawitawi nangyayari ang talagang gulo...mas lalo pa akong naging apathetic nung nasa manila ako for 14years... pero ngayong mejo ngdesisyon kami ng asawa ko na dito kami sa zamboanga magpapalipas ng buhay namin, na dito namin palalakihin ang mga anak namin... ngayon mejo ngsisink in na ang takot, and uncertainty.... may hope pa ba for zamboanga? and for Mindanao??? basta at this point, ayoko rin ng Bangsamoro Basic Law... dahil para sa akin it will only serve the MILF's power lust... and then what? matutulad na rin sa ARMM ang mga lugar na mapapailalim sa BBL? na siguradong pati zamboanga e masasali dahil nasa provision nya na 1% lamang ng population ang kelangang bumoto ng "Yes" e kasali ano na? tama pa bang ibuhos ng buong buo ang kakayanan dito? pwede bang umalis na lang ulit?

....and then i get to read this:

"OUR COMMITMENT TO PEACE. We need to remind ourselves of who we are. First, we are Zamboanguenos and Mindanawons. Zamboanga City is our city. God had entrusted this city to us. We are deeply rooted in this beautiful island of Mindanao. We are the guardians of our beloved city from its enemies. Second, we are bearers of peace and justice. But if we allow these never-ending senseless violence and injustice to take its course without us fighting - then we betray our city, ourselves and those who died fighting for peace. Yes, we cannot deny our anger, frustrations and fear. But these feelings should not lead us to hopelessness and apathy. It should compel us to BE MORE VIGILANT, PRO-ACTIVE AND ENGAGED IN OUR ADVOCACY FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE. Zamboanga and Mindanao deserves a lasting peace. But it will only come from our commitment to fight for it. (From my Homily at Yesterday's Memorial Mass with the men in uniform and local officials)". - Pitik-Bulag

and this:

"WHY HOPE AGAIN? I know. It is hard for us to hope for peace again, for it is painful to be disappointed again. But it is MORE PAINFUL not to hope again." - Pitik-Bulag

is it really reasonable to stay pa rin? :-(

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

extended xmas gift opening

got a message from kuya that there's supposed to be a package they've send to us before christmas last year which until now we have not received, so i went to JRS' office to check.... and lo and behold, the big green package was just there gathering dust.... their reason: they don't deliver to the Barangay indicated in the address + no phone number of the recipient was indicated so they can not call to pick up....

but at least their little inefficiency gave these boys an extra gift to open one month after christmas!!! thank you ate chuchay, ate jewel, tita analyn and tito dada!!!! mwuah!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

yoya's bday morning

let them hold one cupcake with candle each... :-) 
masyado pang bagong gising.... hehehe :-)

Saturday, January 17, 2015

2015 targets

im not sure why im not as excited as last year when preparing this now.... but i dont want to hate myself at the end of the year for not having documented some targets (im OC like that pero tinotopak lang ngayon).... anyways, let's try some 15 for 2015:

  1. big school for paolo! - he's more than 3 now, and i think it's about time we start real school this year....
  2. play school for mateo - im not sure if il be able to find one around August-November... but let me keep my fingers crossed... im assuming he'll be talking like crazy by that time, and since kuya is already at school he might also be interested...
  3. revive my boy's shoot and monthly family shoot - i wanted that glamored-taken-by-a pro kind of family shoot last year... but then, thinking about the cost (which i can just use to buy more stocks!!! hehe) and how orchestrated that will be, i just think coming up with a monthly or at least a quarterly kind of family shoot where we're all dressed up would be nice.... i just need to train our ate jean (pao's yaya). I also want to revive my boy's regular monthly shoot before, but need to change some things, need them not on the bed anymore! hehe and oh i might be able to proceed with the one where they wear their dad's polo during our wedding... :-)

Friday, January 16, 2015

How To Track Your BBT Temps

I had my 2 boys without conceiving problems... but I have a friend who got married in the same year as i did who still struggles to have a baby. I feel for her every time a new pregnancy is being announced in the office.

We have been suggesting a lot of possible ways to her. One of the things a woman can do in order to get pregnant fast is by being able to pinpoint her ovulation. Knowing when you ovulate increases your chances of getting pregnant since ovulation is when the body releases the egg, making a woman fertile. One way to track ovulation is by using a BBT (Basal Body Temperature) thermometer says the experts at A BBT thermometer, compared to a regular thermometer, is very sensitive and can detect even the slightest change of temperature. The thermometer is purchased over the counter with a chart ready for you to track and can be taken orally. You need to track your temperature daily – once as soon as you wake-up, before getting out of bed. As you go along, you’ll get to know your body. What we are looking for is a sudden increase in your temperature. If you see that on your chart, it most probably means that you are ovulating.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

K! simula ng taon party

just immortalizing that day here.... :-) 

lamon, kantahan, chika-galore, exchange gifts, at higit sa lahat camwhoring to the max! :-)

that fun group who's always the alalay in major activities in the office, but are kati-paa when it comes to gala! :-) 2014 was not our year.... we were all soooo busy we even had our usual year-ender moved to january to be a year-starter na! haha... 

here's to the hope that 2015 will provide us days to sooth our itchy feet and discover nice place in zambo or outside! ;-)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

celebrating day1 2015

january 1st will always be another excuse for us to play....there were times we go out (beach or pool), but that's just too stressful since everybody else in zamboanga thought of doing that also.... so for 2015 we decided to bring out the kid's mini pool and invited ate shasha and ate greene.... 

ate greene was late.... so it's just paolo, mateo and ate shasha first... but mateo could not handle ate shasha and pao's play so he asked to be taken out....

fave yearend activity: Revisiting my wishlist!!!

i'm soooo excited to do this revisit/evaluation of my to-do list for 2014 that i have started draft of this post as early as Dec1 (could have been earlier pero ngpipigil pa ako sa lagay na yan! hahaha)

so here goes, i have my original post here, with my evaluation/revisit comments in RED


im beginning to love this idea of listing my wishes and plan at the start of the year and checking how much was achieved at the end of the year.... so here's my list for this year.... :-)


play school for paoloFind pao a nice play school this sum mer.... i've tried to ask him once last year if he wants to go to school already and he said yes. And i randomly hear him say "punta na school papao" eversince. :-) got me thinking also that if he did like play school and is actually school-ready, should i enrol him already for kinder in the next school year??? he's just 2 and will turn 3 in October. 

(1) -we did a one month play school at Yogi Veterans!!! he was excited at first.... but he was more of an observer the whole playschool time (soooo mommy!!!) he doesn't participate so much in the singing and dancing part of their everyday class, but he participates with coloring-related activities. his coloring skills are getting better! with only little strokes outside any figure's lines...i asked him if he still wants to go to school after 1mo in Yogi, he said no, so we're giving him one extra year of pure play and bonding with the mateo (who's catching up with kuya fast!!!)

blogged about this HERE and HERE!!!

mateo's 1st birthday! Organize a fun but not so expensive 1st birthday party for our  Mateo.... i think Jollibee will still have to be part of the whole act, he's just a children's party centerpiece hehehe. Good thing Mateo chose a holiday as his birthday!

(1) - achieved! :-) a The Little Prince inspired party na merong jollibee.... hahaha it was a bit magastos but it's all worth it.... seeing mateo and paolo having fun, and also the guests! :-) (no blog about the party as of this post yet...)


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