Wednesday, May 19, 2010

huling quarter recs ko with GE

it's been almost a year... kahit uber busy lately i remembered my plan to blog about my last month in Manila (May2009) before moving back to Zamboanga. :-) let me start with my last quarter recs with team COE... been doing this every quarter since i've joined GE (well at least after the Water project)....
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i miss the countdown im doing to pressure my team hihihi.... these photos were taken 2 nights before our tool closes... we're a bit happy about the 84% completion... sounds easy but it was still a long way to go... :D i miss this team... at the time these pix were taken, I already had my interview with Ciudad Medical Zamboanga and was just waiting for their decision... i only told Ezra and Cathy about it...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

durian coffee @ Blugre Cafe,Davao

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as if the Bajada durian stuffing was not enough, we went to Blugre cafe to experience durian-flavored coffee. they're serving coffee with bits of durian! :D i know im not gonna like it because its durian so i ordered white mocha instead. :-) but one of these days, il bring someone who would let me have one sip to check out how it is... i just find it impractical to buy one cup then not finish it because i dont like it... :D hehehe

i super like their tagline for their Durian Gatchpuccino... the king of coffees... coffee that tastes like heaven PERIOD! hehehe :D i really wish i can vouch for that... but i need to conquer the repulsion im getting when it comes to Durian... hehe :D

you may want to include trying their Durian Gatchpuccino in your to do's during your Davao trip! :D

Saturday, May 15, 2010

durian buy in Bahada, Davao

***apologies for the yellowish photos... these were all taken at night and the only light source were the streelights of davao. :D

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i'm never a fan of Durian... i just cant get myself to try it... hehehe i really cant take the odor.... but this is my 2nd trip to Davao where my companions really made sure that buying and eating fresh durian is part of our itinerary.... :D

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

jack's ridge, davao city

had a very quick trip to davao end of april... we spent the whole day in the conference (dami naming napulot!!! vg!), but since one of my davao buds are as kaladkarin and as camwhore as me (despite the age mind you! hehehe) we were resolved to still enjoy the rest of the day...and night... before we head back to zamboanga. :-)

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with so little time (we spend a big part of it in the malls...) we decided to have a good dinner. good thing dra.ara has relatives there... they brought us up to Jack's Ridge resort and resto. she was telling me about the durian monument there but they've already replaced it with this "davao" structure. :-) this one's nice. :-)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2010 pinas election

i am not a registered voter for this year's election... i know i should be ashamed for that... i have regrets... but anyways i still tagged along my parents when they went to their precincts to vote. :-)

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weeks ago i already checked for the precinct numbers of my parents on the Comelec's website...but for some reason after telling them about it nobody thought of writing it short we got the wrong precinct number at first search... :D hehehe

Monday, May 3, 2010

balangay - the comeback sa zambo! :D

i've been follower of this voyage eversince i've read about this in Anton Diaz's blog, specially since i've found out that zamboanga city is one of their stops! (perfect timing since i've moved back in zambo too!)....

i was in Dipolog when they first reached zamboanga city last Feb2010... i was really happy after finding out that they will be staying for a few more days pending repair of Diwata ng Lahi i would get the chance to see the balangays and take photos! :D went to Naval base with my dude for that! hehehe here's my photos from that visit: balangay sa zambo part1

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was really ecstatic after finding out from Mam June that they're back in zamboanga and will be staying for 2weeks until start of their Southeast Asia journey! :-) they are parked in Paseo del Mar since staying at the Naval base would be unwise if they're heading to Basilan later (well primarily because of wind direction and stuff as they say hehe). here's the view from outside Paseo...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

uno overload sa fishpond

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this is uno's 2nd trip to our fishpond... the first one he was only with mamang so no photos... this time me and mommy duday made sure we're with them so we can have photoshoot galore! :-) good thing we did... we got gazillion good photos with uno... kakagigil!!!


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