Monday, July 16, 2012

sunshine you are my sunshine!

this post is a bit late already... this "sunshine you are my sunshine" song was a major hit to our baby some 2weeks ago pa... but since our jam sessions happen almost everyday now, singing anything from "twinkle twinkle little star" to "ten little indians/paopao" to "sampung palaka" with the little guitar given by tita lelang, i would like all that to have a little documentation here... :D

his fascination with guitars can be traced to as far back as his first day in the house... i think his inexperienced sight noticed the only thing hanging in our bedroom wall...everytime he looks at that wall with the guitar he never fails to show some reaction. his daddy plays it for him and he would just stare at his strumming... he also had some good 30min guitar session with tito lian some months ago... he just stare at the guitar while he played it.... so thank you tita leila (and your friend) for letting me have my own guitar!!!

fave song for the now... :-)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

happy that babyboo's loving books too!

i've been building up a stash of children's books (mostly pre-loved) for my boy hoping that he too would learn to love books... and feel that it can take you to different places and time too! :-) despite all the digi-books, i still love the feel of real pages flipped and the smell of aging paper just enhances imagination further (adik ba? hehehe)

we were occasionally reading books to him and he would always end up not really listening but grabbing the book and wanting to flip the pages on his own (which he still unable to...) kaya last night was really a 'mommy's-teary-eyed-sa-tuwa-dahil-baby-made-her-proud' moment when he grabbed a book and gestured that he'd be seated on my lap and we'll read the book together without the grabbing... :-) 

i posted this in my FB account:
"proud sweet paomoment tonight... part of his pre-bedtime routine is to pull out all his books and flashcards and create a mess on the floor.... but tonight, after creating the mess, he picked The Three Billy Goats Gruff and asked to be seated on my lap... i read him the book and for the first time he was not trying to grab it from me, he just sat there and listen and touch the photos... :D may kasama pang tawa na kakaiba hehehe :-) ♥♥♥"

just an old reading/book-grabbing session photo kasi my camera was not within reach during last night's happy reading session.... :-)

kusina xprmnt: cabbage-okra medley

here's a simple recipe i learned from a former officemate... it's soooo simple anybody can whip this up... but if you're into okra you might not be able to appreciate this... this is definitely going to be part of my diet plan... cheap, easy, and filling.. :-)

some nutrition facts for the ingredients (trying to convince myself cabbage is nutrients-filled hehe):

here's how simple this recipe is

1 cabbage
7pcs okra
1 red onion
1 teaspoon olive oil

1) cut the onion, cabbage and okra as shown in the picture.
2) saute the onion until it looks caramelized. 
3) add in the cabbage and okra. continue stirring until cooked.

Remember: DO NOT PUT SALT, PEPPER or ANYTHING ELSE. the combination of the natural taste of the onion, cabbage and okra will give this medley the kick! :D

by the way, got this recipe from Ezra who also got the idea from Ray Labay. :-) thanks you guys! miss ya much!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

pao's first blanket tent on bed

last sunday, we had a perfect rainy weather to just be lazy around the house and play and eat and sleep... and the babyboo was sooo happy he had everyone in this house the whole day... 

we were playing wrestling when the daddyboo thought of creating a tent for the baby with his favorite soccer blanket (which used to be tita joy's by the way).... t'was fun playing this again... haha! the babyboo was really enjoying himself inside the tent, until after 10min or so because he gets bored that quick... but it was still a fun 10minutes, brought back a lot of childhood memoreis... rainy days back then also meant blanket tents all over the bed... there was never a blanket without holes in its corners in our house before... :D

dear lord, please slow down the time a bit, this little buddy here is turning into a tot way too fast for mommy to catch up... :-)

wanted: own home workspace

ok, i'll be like most of us ranting about neglecting our blog for sometime due to a lot of other things... my last post was like 3weeks ago! it's not that i don't have the time nor anything to blog about... i spend at least an hour of internet time every night and i have tons of going ons to blog about actually (ang iba panis na if i'll still blog about it hehe) but i just couldn't find the drive to edit photos and create posts... what i do is just blog hop until i get sleepy... the reason, i go online uncomfortably on our bed...

so i want to include my very own worktable at home in my 2012 wishlist... a little table where i can have my lappy and a little more space to write would be lovely... our little family space (which is a bedroom in my parent's house) is one big mess at the moment... i'm trying to figure out how i can squeeze in a working table despite all the rubble (*big grin! :D).  it's a bit difficult to push for a minimalist space if you live with your parents who seem to have a hard time letting go of things (oh yeah, we still have cabinets, dressers, sofa, rice cooker and ref that are waaay older than me... ha! add to that the little trinkets my mom loves to collect from everywhere)... our room is not spared from all these space-eating stuff... we have to accommodate the huge sofa bed my mom bought some years ago for visiting siblings and other relatives...

enough of my excuses/rants... here's some home work space ideas i wanna take inspiration from.... :-)


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