Wednesday, February 29, 2012

pao's first month photos (Oct 09-Nov 09, 2011)

been posting these photos in my Facebook account... just want them here in Promding Chamimay too! :-)

that crazy bungal smile started from day 01!!!
still too small.... with daddy... during one of the visits while pao was locked up in the hospital... hehehe
first family picture
he got this during his first week on earth... :-(
yummy mango cake for the first month bday! :-) tulog ever!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

2012 wishlist

i know February's about to end tapos ngayon lang ako mglilista ng wishlist ko for 2012.... well i have all these things in mind at the start of the year, i just wanna have it documented so i have some checklist to lookback to at the end of the year.... as of this post i was able to tick off one from the list already!! so let's see how far i'll be able to commit to this list... :-)

1) Merloquet!!! been drooling about this waterfalls since 2010...
2) Malamawi beach!!! that white beach beyond sta cruz island.... that white beach in Basilan... :-)
3) Victoria falls and cave. been to the cave back in highschool when we had our science camp there... pero wala pa akong camera noon, and i can still vividly remember how fun it was... i just wanna go back again... plus to see the Sieta Andanas falls being promoted by the barangay lately... 
4) explore 3 more zambo possible tourist-worthy hidden places (on top of nos.1-3). who knows, this explore zambo mode ng mga kaladkarin this year would eventually lead us to find out about more pretty places in zambo city (which is still unknown to me as of this post)
5) trip with my boys. destination: Antique. haven't been to my pop's place since college... haven't been there since i had my own digicam... i still have clear images of Antique (specially Valderrama!) in my mind, i wish i can go back and take actual photos.... 
6) kitakits with my gurlfriends from GE. heard one's leaving pinas soon... since i left GE, i still get to see them at least once a year pa rin.... i just hope we won't miss 2012 and still get to have fun together... :-)
7) surf!!! im not really good at it, but at least i can proudly say kaya ko ng tumayo sa board!!! i miss the feeling stoked! this one's a bit impossible this year but i still keep my fingers crossed hehehe
8) attend a Mindanao bloggers get together (MBS6 or the Socsargen's). after attending MBS4 2years ago here in zamboanga i'm hyped by the idea of Mindanao bloggers uniting to fight the negative publicity of Mindanao in the net... by blogging beautiful things about Mindanao, we can provide more search hits that are positive when people wants stuff about this big-of-a-place down here...

and here's a list of other stuff i wanna buy or do for my cute little family... :-)

1) itouch/ipad. get us this... im sure this will be perfect to tame pao later if we'll tag him along during our lakwatsa. :-)
2) sewing machine. recycled or new kahit ano basta i wanna learn how to sew my own clothes!!!
3) at least 100 posts for each of my 3 active blogs. still a long way to go as of this post. 
4) dslr. a long time dream nyaha! i dunno why i still cant get myself to buy one... cguro dahil it's too bulky for impromptu photos which i love to take... :D
5) an unusual 1st bday for pao (i prefer a trip pero ang gusto ng daddy e party muna dahil 1st bday)
6) lose 35lbs and 11.5inches off my waist! (starting weight:160 waist: 39.5")
7) run a 5k, 10k and a full marathon!!! 
8) pimp our room. room muna, di ko pa kaya ang buong house... i need more closet space na! and i want the room to look happy always!
9) get a better car (bwaha! posible kaya?)
10) bake at least 3 recipes this year! i got an electric oven as a gift during our wedding last year, anniversary na nya pero i have not done anything with it yet... 
11) try video blogging for at least 3 trips... :-) i guess this'll be more fun... i just hope i will learn how to edit videos well. :-)
12) grow my own herb garden. with basil, rosemary, thyme, tarragon, mints, dill and whatevers.. 
13) read at least 3 really good books. (Paulo Coehlo's Brida won't count, because i started reading it back in 2009 but still unfinished to date... but i have to finish that this year still.)

i know marami ang impossible... pero i will keep my fingers crossed... kaya yan! :D and i hope despite all these i can still save. :D hehehehe

Thursday, February 23, 2012

my happy shining shimmering splendid shoes!!!

yep! happy shining shimmering splendid shoes indeed! the kind that makes you smile unconsciously when you get to see it.... :-)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

peterpan collar love

i love peterpan-collared dresses/tops... pero im a bit hesitant to try it kasi baka di bagay sa akin... now that iv tried it.... am soooo gonna be into it! :D


and vanity suddenly wants to hang out with me again... :D why am i doing these outfit posts again? am not really the dressy kinda girl but heck i guess i just wanna document my lame attempts to dress up.... :-) 


looking at this set to choose which photos to post, i had thought about these things:

1. my hair looks soooo awful already.... i had it growing just like that since Dec2010! yikes! but i made a pact not to cut it til im back at my pre-pregnancy weight... urgh! that's 60 more days!

2. i guess i need to learn to play with makeups again... at least powder and lipstick i guess... i look so pale! hahaha parang sa tabi tabi lang ang punta... :D 

3. if i really want this outfit blogging to live longer i need to train hubby take prettier photos... he's a good photog but he's not getting my idea of "outfit blog-worthy" photos yet....... :D

4. need to get that wacky groove again and make more fun poses (nyaha! effort much? :D)

5. ..... why am i doing this again? :D hehehehe

Thursday, February 2, 2012


one year ago today.... these 2 faint lines made my morning great!!!

and tadaaaa!!! those 2 faint lines had turned into this.... so today.... and everyday since october last year and until forever and ever.... this doe-eyed dude had made and will be making my mornings great! looooove! :-)

day30 update: 10lbs na!!!

tama! iv hit my 10lb target for my first 30days!!! cguro naman mejo may difference na... hehehe used the same dress para wala ng masabi si Juvee na dinadaan ko lang sa damit (seen here.... :D hehehehe (cant wait for March1, thats day60 na... will try to use the same set of clothes - urgh! had i known i will be doing this i should have chosen better clothes hehehe)


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