Saturday, February 4, 2012

peterpan collar love

i love peterpan-collared dresses/tops... pero im a bit hesitant to try it kasi baka di bagay sa akin... now that iv tried it.... am soooo gonna be into it! :D


and vanity suddenly wants to hang out with me again... :D why am i doing these outfit posts again? am not really the dressy kinda girl but heck i guess i just wanna document my lame attempts to dress up.... :-) 


looking at this set to choose which photos to post, i had thought about these things:

1. my hair looks soooo awful already.... i had it growing just like that since Dec2010! yikes! but i made a pact not to cut it til im back at my pre-pregnancy weight... urgh! that's 60 more days!

2. i guess i need to learn to play with makeups again... at least powder and lipstick i guess... i look so pale! hahaha parang sa tabi tabi lang ang punta... :D 

3. if i really want this outfit blogging to live longer i need to train hubby take prettier photos... he's a good photog but he's not getting my idea of "outfit blog-worthy" photos yet....... :D

4. need to get that wacky groove again and make more fun poses (nyaha! effort much? :D)

5. ..... why am i doing this again? :D hehehehe

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