Saturday, January 9, 2016

quick 2016 goal list

just so i won't hate myself at the end of the year for not doing one.... :-) here goes...

1) Family trip to Manila! - because we haven't been in one place at the same time for soooo long, specially now that we have Motmot and Lulu... :-) As of this post we already have it's just a matter of bringing our arses to the airport and fly! see you unoluluchay! :-)

2) Surf trip with Cherry - itodo na ang gala dahil wala ng travel ban! :-) let's make this come true dude! i'm targetting July or August... kahit La Union lang game na! :-)

3) Tawi-tawi trip - RyeRay are going so i'm seriously considering joining! :-) 

4) Watch Les Miserable! - fingers crossed... i'm sooo tigang to watch a nice production play.... if not Les Miserable, well at least one other good one hehe

5) School for Mateo & Paolo - Mateo can start real school this June already! i'm excited to see their dynamics being in school together (syempre hindi classmates).... But I'm having second thoughts of keeping the same school where Pao is now because of DepEd accreditation and K-12 concerns... need to settle this soonest....

6) Renovate MangPang's house! - ultimate goal this year... baka kelangan ibalik ang travel ban because of this... hehehe house is more than 12yo and still unfinished, and we're all needing more space so I guess this is the best time to do it... whether we stay forever in Zamboanga or not, i suppose that house deserve some fixing this year.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

victoria 2016

when all else fail.... family is always a place to go back to.... :-)
cheers to a calm and peaceful start of 2016! may this be a year full of fun adventures with family and real good friends! :-)


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