Monday, March 31, 2014

lego truck photoshoot

 monday na naman so we're supposed to leave early.... and this is what's happening at our living room turned play area for the boys....
the "strada" he asked me to do earlier had morphed!!!

but i don't mind one bit... kasi dahil jan he agreed to be photographed!!! with labas ngipin pa na smile!!!!! :D

and what would you expect from a trigger happy mommy na merong willing na cute na subject na madalas e "ayaw picture"? syempre pindot lang ng pindot!!! :-)

here's one more....

....and last na to.... hehehe

a souvenir photo of his masterpiece which made him gave me that smile!!! long enough for mommy to take several frames... yehey!!! :D

created and posted: May 26, 2014

Sunday, March 30, 2014

paseo run!

since we promised that we'll have a paseo trip dahil weeks na since their last, we still went there kahit past 7pm na and mateo is obviously sleepy na...

we opted the open area than the usual spot na tinatambayan nila with lola ang lolo.... since its such an open space e walang pakundangan din ang papao sa pagtakbo! :-) to the amusement (?) and pagod ng mga titabels and ate jean! :D

pardon the mismatched baggy red shorts and teal shirt, eto yung napala ng winiwiwian ang nagiisang dalang shorts! hehe :D he doesn't look like a 2year old anymore... makes me sad and amazed at the same time....

titabels trying to fix his big shorts... pero pinapahirapan pa rin sila sa paghabol! hehehe

owning the place much sweetheart??? 

i'm not sure what he's thinking when he sat beside that kid then just stand up again...i tried to ask him why he did that and he just said "upo ako sa tabi ng bata"....

more habulan.... :-)

sta maria visit

we rarely get to visit my inlaws lately....both mommy and daddy are busy with work the whole week and sundays just feel like an opportunity to just slump in bed and do nothing or just play with the kids at home.... but after several weeks of not being able to go out, i was the one begging that we take the kids out, or at least visit my husband's parents.... the papao even asked for a "paseo" trip.... but galit ata ang araw at suuuuuper init til around 4... so we decided to head out around 5pm... very quick play time at my inlaws' place.... at least they get to see their apos. :-)

rowber....ang favorite na aso ng papao.... :-) and baby, ang favorite kalaro ng papao sa sta maria.... :D

group hug!!!!

mateo with the mommyla!

with the mommy!!!! :-)

the paolo was so busy with his titas....

donkey donkey!!!

we bought this donkey for paolo before.... but for the longest time it's being ignored.... lately, mateo enjoys playing with it...well at least from time to time that it gets his attention.... and i adore how happy our little buddha is everytime he rides donkey! :D

Saturday, March 29, 2014

PaoIsla Moment: 2nd series

whenever possible, i let paolo play with Isla (my Canon D20) so he'll be trained to take nice photos!!! and well hoping i would be able to let him hold a camera and document the world from his perspective.... :-) 

here's a second set..... :-) (first one is here: PaoIsla v1)

that's supposed to be a "Strada" made out of his big lego blocks

1st day ng summer namin part2

may part 2 pa ang summer launch sa bahay! i forced the kids to rest just before noon pero pagdating ng 3pm humiri na ulit ng simsimpool.... mamat was more daring this time! :-)
mukha ng giant baby si mateo compared ke kuyaboO!!!

simsimpool break: Nemo!!!

i'm really loving my saturdays na ulit... in between soaking the kids in their simsimpool we spend our time here.... just the 3 of us (the daddyboo still works til saturday)... we watch videos til we drop! this time i've tried to show them Finding Nemo! i was trying to look for a full movie in youtube and only found one that's not in english! haha russian ata to... pero kebs, di rin pa naman naiintindihan ni paolo ang english (which reminds me, success na ang kanyang fluency sa tagalog and minsan ilonggo, maybe i can start him with english....pero NEVER taglish!!!)
i got them hooked!!! specially sa part ng jellyfish and turtles and whale!!! :-)

add a little kulitan ang harutan....

and some lambingan.... perfect simsimpool break!!! :-)

e-extra ang mommyboo habang busy bees ang dalawa.... :D

created and posted: May 19, 2014

summer launch sa bahay!

we have officially launched our summer!!! decided to put up the pool mommyla gave paolo last birthday and was almost in it the whooole day! :-)

this is mateo's first to be in a pool that is just mateopata-level was a nice little experiment for mommy to see if he would be as daring as kuyaboo! :-) let the photos show what happened! :D

was a scaredy cat at first....doesn't want to sit down.... and doesn't want to let go of mommy....
starting to get the hang of it.... umupo na rin finally!!! water's around his chest level when he sits down....

enjoying the water already but still wants to be held by mommy...

while the kuyaboo is all over the pool.... mukhang boring for kuya kasi super babaw! haha even below his knee lang! he's used to the pool na hanggang chin nya at kelangan pa nyang magtiptoe... :-)

kuyaboo encouraging mamat.... finally ngdare ng lumayo ke mommy at umupo sa gitna.... :-)

was having fun na!!! nilulublob pa ang mukha which freaks me out!!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

just an ordinary play night

just one of those ordinary nights when we get to go home before the kids' bedtime (specially mamat's).... and when it's blackout... so we start off with playing by the windows! (all windows open to have some air inside)...or sometimes we play outside.... and when the light's back.... we play some more!!! :D

created and posted: May 02, 2014

Thursday, March 27, 2014

youtube time!

it was around this time that we have started to go gaga over youtube videos na ulit! kuyapao still hooked with his most exciting videos of tractors and dump trucks and garbage trucks and loaders and fire trucks, etc.! although most of the time we were into nursery rhymes which makes mamat soooo giddy and oh sooo cutie! :-)
what's on here? kuya pao's favorite truck videos... trucks loading stuff, trucks stuck in deep mud, trucks transferring stuff, etc!

sometimes a truck video would make mamat interested....

...and sometimes not. so he would opt to be kuya's kulit while watching his trucks!

until he finds out mommy's phone is available and would go for it.... to which kuya is also interested and leave the video watching to make kulit with the mamat this time!


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