Thursday, March 20, 2014

not yet an end... CMZ's PQA Award thoughts

title pa lang madrama na....i know! :-) but really, it was nice to be awarded a Philippine Quality Award Level 1 (Commitment to Quality) but it does not mean we have already reached the level where we can really shout to the world that what we're doing is of top quality already..... Commitment to Quality...that is what we have achieved....from the bottom to the top of the CMZ organization. there is soooo much work to do, a lot of things to improve.... but at least all our brains (as in everybody working here) are already on the same path, thinking the same goal, and acting on it...

it had been a long journey to get here (see Dr.Filipinas Rojo's blogpost about it here) and still a long road ahead.... i remember what my Comm1 Prof back in college said after she asked us to read an article of "What an Intellectual is" and discussed in class: "now that you know what an intellectual is, do you think you would still want to go back to one that is not?" just the same, now that we have injected the culture of quality in our system, i don't think we can ever go back to being apathetic.... i think whoever will be in our places later will feel the need to push for quality, specially now that we have received a recognition for that commitment.... 
Ciudad Medical Zamboanga's Medical Director Dr. Filipinas Rojo and CEO Atty.Jhihann Hairun-Natividad receiving the plaque from the President of the Philippines

that trophy is definitely heavy! solid na solid! :-)

the core team who was bugging everybody else during the preparation of the paper and the same group who sat down during the video conference and answered the assessors questions.... and exactly the same group who was given the chance to witness the awarding..... :-) that's our Chairman, President, CEO, Medical Director, Nursing Director, 2 Assistant Nursing Directors, HR Manager, Board Member, and TTCP member right there.

with our StratMan Consultant Dr. Rey Joson.... goofing around with us while we were in line to enter the Palace....pero bawal pala magpapicture kahit dito.... :-)

our phones were stickered on where the camera's supposed to be.... the PSG got my mistaken my phone's light for my cam and placed the sticker dahil pasaway ako, tried to take photos of the really pretty hall.... specially that gorgeous ceiling with the wooden chandeliers (made me remember the chandeliers in Sto Nino Shrine in Tacloban).

nakaw na pic with our BDG Chair Dr. George.... since patago puro selfie na lang! :D

us girls! hehehe while in line to get some cocktails.... we saw this huge wall syempre alam na ang dapat gawin! hihihi

sneaking some more selfie shots inside the Palace grounds on our way out.... :-)

my phone, the front sticker was not on the front camera, so i get to shoot from the front...only to realize later that the back sticker was on the case....wala lang,utak ng pasaway! hehehe :-)

i am creating this post exactly one month after the conferment in Malancan Palace... i was actually thinking of writing my reflections here but suddenly my cursor had been blinking for several minutes and i don't know what to say..... days after the awarding, emotions were high i even posted this on my FB: 
"MARCH 21, 2O14 FROM CHARM TAMBA-DALGUNTAS: what makes me extra proud of CMZ's PQA award is the fact that we almost gave up because the scheduled assessors' visit was supposed to be Sept2013....and while we prepare for it the siege happened and the eval period was over in a snap while the whole hospital served during the city's tough times.....we're just soo grateful for the extended chance for an evaluation, the whole team's drive and then eventually for the judges' believing that CMZ is very much committed to quality from top to bottom..."

right now, i am trying to balance mommyhood and work.... i'm at the point where i'm willing to drop everything to be home with my kids.... but then i am still enjoying my work... my core work, not the extra thingies.... i am hoping i will have more time concentrating on fixing my systems and processes and internal controls.... these plans are what's making me happy and excited with work now...though i can not give my full self on this anymore, i am trying my best to balance time between work and the kids. i have already given up MBA to have more time with the boys. i am also trying my best to bring my drive to work back, i guess i just really really need to concentrate on what's important on my plate. i have finally learned to say no to things that is not mine to do. the company's driving to reach more, to go further in it's journey to more quality service....i know i will be able to contribute more if i spend more time on my turf. that would be my new direction in this journey with CMZ.

created and posted: April 20, 2014


  1. Wow! Congrats sis! I didn't know you are working with CMZ. I knew about the recognition because of Dr. Rojo's posts. Congrats sa inyo! =)

    1. thanks po! hehe Dra. Rojo and i work together.... :-)

    2. Chamimay was the one who encouraged me to be a blogger!

  2. I love your picture of the PQA trophy... makes me remember its weight of 5.5 kgs... and the pressure that goes with it!

    1. hehe thanks doc! naka-jackpot ako ng angle! hehehe uu nga the weight reflects everything it stands for! hihihi :-)

  3. And I remember running for the selfie with the Malacanan Balete at the background!



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