Friday, March 21, 2014

CMZ's 3rd Mob Dance (for BRA Project)

i'm not so sure if there were other dance mobs done in zamboanga (aside from CMZ's) ever.... and i wonder if there were ever dance mobs in any hospital ever???? but we've done this 3times already!!! dancers are all nurses in all their  the last 2 was during our anniversaries for the past 2years (2012 and 2013)... this time we've done it for the unveiling of the BRA Art Installation Project.... and this time it's a bigger dance mob, we've done it in all 4 floors of the hospital!!! i was assigned with shiela to take photos and videos of the mob dance. i assigned some of my team to position in every area where a group of dancers will be performing, i stationed myself in the front 3rd and 2nd floor so i can capture those on the other bridge and those on the ground floor. :-) here's some of the photos!

the boys and girls in white of the mob dance! :-) 

i can not seem to embed the video i posted in Facebook.... it will take some time to upload it again here or youtube and i want to move on from this post.... so, here's the link anyway to the dance mob video at the front parking of CMZ:

created and posted: April 23-24,2014

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