Sunday, March 2, 2014

morning after sleepover

this is how we roll the morning after a sleepover at my inlaws...

heavy.... as in heavy breakfast.... it's spaghetti this time... :-)

this little fishy had been a fave of the 2 boys.... so he's part of the "g'morning" greeting... :-)

kuyaboo charmed his daddylo to put the daddylo's bike's lights to his...

the silent observer.... but i can imagine the energy once he's free to move around too on his own.... :-) 

my buddhababyboo! :-)

paolo's playmate when we're at my inlaws.... kelangan tlaga ang nganga while watching Prince of Egypt... hehe

rock&roll time! harot lang sa harot!

di pa pwedeng makigulo ang buddhababyboo.... :-) but he tries still!

created and posted: March 31, 2014

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