Saturday, March 22, 2014

simula ng happy sabados!

i had the usual demanding first quarter.... but i felt the lack of time more this year because aside from work and school i badly badly need time to be with my boys.... paolo can now verbalize how much he wants mommy and daddy to be home most of the time.... mateo is starting to communicate the same.... wanting to be held by mommy only if he sees me.... so starting this saturday i am letting go of school.... i will set aside getting an MBA for now.... i have tried to evaluate again why i'm into this... it was supposed to be just in case i want to teach later.... but then, with 2 kids around, i don't think i can get another job away from current is already a handful.... would most likely try the online work so i can be around them in case.... :-) so, without school... i have my full weekend for these 2 loves!!! :-) i want to be here for them as much as possible while they still want mommy around.... i can find things to do later if they prefer to be with friends or school.... 

created and posted: April 27, 2014

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