Saturday, March 29, 2014

simsimpool break: Nemo!!!

i'm really loving my saturdays na ulit... in between soaking the kids in their simsimpool we spend our time here.... just the 3 of us (the daddyboo still works til saturday)... we watch videos til we drop! this time i've tried to show them Finding Nemo! i was trying to look for a full movie in youtube and only found one that's not in english! haha russian ata to... pero kebs, di rin pa naman naiintindihan ni paolo ang english (which reminds me, success na ang kanyang fluency sa tagalog and minsan ilonggo, maybe i can start him with english....pero NEVER taglish!!!)
i got them hooked!!! specially sa part ng jellyfish and turtles and whale!!! :-)

add a little kulitan ang harutan....

and some lambingan.... perfect simsimpool break!!! :-)

e-extra ang mommyboo habang busy bees ang dalawa.... :D

created and posted: May 19, 2014

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