Sunday, March 30, 2014

sta maria visit

we rarely get to visit my inlaws lately....both mommy and daddy are busy with work the whole week and sundays just feel like an opportunity to just slump in bed and do nothing or just play with the kids at home.... but after several weeks of not being able to go out, i was the one begging that we take the kids out, or at least visit my husband's parents.... the papao even asked for a "paseo" trip.... but galit ata ang araw at suuuuuper init til around 4... so we decided to head out around 5pm... very quick play time at my inlaws' place.... at least they get to see their apos. :-)

rowber....ang favorite na aso ng papao.... :-) and baby, ang favorite kalaro ng papao sa sta maria.... :D

group hug!!!!

mateo with the mommyla!

with the mommy!!!! :-)

the paolo was so busy with his titas....

i was so excited with this phase...yung may mga maghahabulan na.... only to realize iv turned into a freakout freak kind of mommy.... hehehe naman kasi dami dumadaan na sasakyan and ambilis lang nilang kumilos!!!

kuyapao sorry but part kasi ng story so post.... i am already trying not to let him wear diapers when we go out, kasi he can really identify wiwi times.... but for this instance, i guess he held it too long,and tita buding doesnt seem to know how to open the shorts, the pao peed on his pants.... only for all of us to realize that i did not bring extra shorts for him!!!! to think na pupunta pa kami ng paseo after.... :D

so biniro ko sya na diaper na lang, shirt and diaper!!! and everyone was laughing.... including this pilyong bata!!! 

love that he was just making fun of himself too! hihi :D

buti na lang may extra shorts si baby na pwede sa boys....only it's read and papao's wearing teal! :D

itsura ng batang pagod..... :-)

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