Saturday, November 28, 2009

chronicling my Zamboanga-Sultan Kudarat roadtrip

by far this is the only trip that i had all my senses on alert mode the whole time...before we left zamboanga i was trying to psyche myself that this is gonna be different from the other roadtrips i had... pero grabe pa rin praning mode ko the whole time...

zamboanga to pagadian
we took an aircon bus going to cagayan from zamboanga since madadaanan naman ang pagadian...dun na kami bababa. At the terminal pa lang sa guiwan kakaloka na dahil there's these 2 guys who'e trying to help us carry bags without even us asking them to... taray mode agad ako... hehehe pero narealize ko later na di ata dapat at baka its not gonna work on them at bigla na lang akong saktan... anyways, this was just a minor glitch.. we were able to sit comfortably na and are ready to go to pagadian... sa likod kami nakapwesto kaya nung marami ng bumaba mamang transferred infront... but some hours later nagising kami because of a loud thud... kala namin may nahulog lang na bag or something... then the bus stopped...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bohol find: TREE HOUSE!!!

here's something that you won't find when you google for a place to stay in bohol! :) if you're on a budget trip and not very particular for a luxurious stay, this tree house is surely a great find!!! :) not only is it cheap...but it shares the same beach stretch with Bohol Beach Club!!! :D
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The Dumaluan beach is the best beach in the Panglao island. It only has 2 resorts - Bohol Beach Club and Dumaluan Beach resort...which both consciously keeps the beach front clean.... The Dumaluan Beach Resort is cheaper than Bohol Beach Club. But it is still expensive for budget travellers like us. But the good thing about this resort is that they created an area where they built bamboo-made cottages, which are rented out at a cheaper rate.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

all saints' day in zamboanga

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our grandfather died even before we were his grave had been part of our lives for as long as we can remember... this grave had witnessed our growing up since we're always here every 1st of Nov until we started working....we have our grandparents buried in a public catholic cemetery in Zamboanga City.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

cawa-cawa chill...

i grew up in zamboanga but i never get to hangout in cawa-cawa... it has this reputation of a dating place that's why i dont wanna be seen there or else il get reprimanded...hehe! the place is great if you want to wait for zamboanga sunset! although, zambo people now have paseo del mar, cawa-cawa still provides a better view since nothing blocks the sunset(a.k.a the port area for paseo del mar).

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when the gang came here last Sept09, i had my first tambay in Cawa-cawa too! they were looking for "tusok-tusok" food after our barter trip so we brought them there...


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