Saturday, November 28, 2009

chronicling my Zamboanga-Sultan Kudarat roadtrip

by far this is the only trip that i had all my senses on alert mode the whole time...before we left zamboanga i was trying to psyche myself that this is gonna be different from the other roadtrips i had... pero grabe pa rin praning mode ko the whole time...

zamboanga to pagadian
we took an aircon bus going to cagayan from zamboanga since madadaanan naman ang pagadian...dun na kami bababa. At the terminal pa lang sa guiwan kakaloka na dahil there's these 2 guys who'e trying to help us carry bags without even us asking them to... taray mode agad ako... hehehe pero narealize ko later na di ata dapat at baka its not gonna work on them at bigla na lang akong saktan... anyways, this was just a minor glitch.. we were able to sit comfortably na and are ready to go to pagadian... sa likod kami nakapwesto kaya nung marami ng bumaba mamang transferred infront... but some hours later nagising kami because of a loud thud... kala namin may nahulog lang na bag or something... then the bus stopped... may bumato pala sa amin...buti na lang di sa glass tumama...dahil malapit sa pwesto ni mamang..pero kainis, that was 1am! and we stopped despite what happened!!! baliw na driver...pano na lang kung that was done intentionally so we'll stopped tapos kkidnap kami...waaahhh praning mode talaga....after 30min we were on the road na ulit thank god! we reached pagadian around 4am... we stayed for an hour pa muna kasi sabi we should leave around 5 or 6na lang para maliwanag na pag ngttravel kasi the route's not safe daw pag madilim....

pagadian to cotabato
eto ang pinakanakakapraning na part ng trip... we took a van from pagadian... at first 8 lang kaming passengers plus the driver and his brother... sobrang comfy dahil di kami puno...pero when we reached lanao del sur na nagising kami kasi may pumara sa amin... they were asking if they can hitch...3 guys wearing army uniforms... panic mode ako... i was checking them out, buti na lang may sunglass ako at di masyadong halatang im really staring at them hehe yung 2 na matanda mukhang believable na sundalo talaga kasi they were wearing combat boots... pero the younger guy e naka sneakers tapos lumalabas pa tshirt na black.. they were all carrying armalites (tama ba spelling bwaha!)...its kinda tense the whole time they were inside the van... but then bumaba din naman sila...pero sa isang part na wala namang kahit anong house or military detachment...basta bundok....god if they were not really army...pano napunta sa kanila yung mga uniform na un...did they get these from soldiers they've possibly killed? i was too scared to shoot even for a nakaw na picture...

i was already relieved until we were stopped again in another checkpoint... i got used to the checkpoints already dahil marami, almost every town meron... but this one caused me to worry... kasi the guy who was talking with the driver was wearing a uniform but instead of "Army" ang nakalagay sa uniform nya is "Cafgu"!!! he was also asking if pwede din hitch yung isang kasama nila... that guy was only wearing shorts and sando with a small sling bag... he sat beside me... was totally awake na the rest of the trip... trying to be alert as i can... few meters pa we stopped at another checkpoint... but this time i was sure na army na talaga kasi marami sila and may nakalagay talaga na sign na some brigade or something... hehehe they asked all the boys inside the van to go of our companions from pagadian was a police so he presented his gun right away plus his license and PNP ID... but when they asked the guy sitting beside me to show what's inside his bag he whispered to the army... i lip-read and he seemed to have identified himself as a cafgu... he was let go without any inspection na... waaahhh praning mode na talaga!!! di ba supposedly disarmed na mga cafgus after the massacre???

the rest of the road, i would occasionally see an army... kakaloka noh? parang warzone ang dating hehehe.. pero some towns you'll really know na its muslim-dominated lalo pa since we were travelling during their hajj celebration i felt a bit safe dahil maraming babae and bata who were out...probably going to their mosques for the celebration... we passed by some small mosques din kasi...for some merong mga nagluluto.. :-)

im not sure if we were still in lanao del sur or that's already maguindanao... wala lang sooobrang kakapraning lang... i was texting leo every chance i get kasi nawawala wala ang signal...i kept on updating him ng mga nangyayari para at least if something happens there's someone who knows what we've gone through... hehehe pero feeling ko that whole thing is just normal around here kasi ung driver namin e di na natitinag....after 4hours we finally reached cotabato without further incident... whew!!! :D

Cotabato to Lebak,Sultan Kudarat
Finally we're on our last leg... hehehe sinundo kami sa cotabato...buti na lang dahil private vehicle kami dahil di na nga nakakatakot ang daan pero soooobrang matagtag.. i cant imagine if commute lang kami... although most parts of the route was already cemented pero marami pa rin yung part na sobrang malubak... para kang inaalog... pero what i love about this part of the trip is yung bundok bundok na cornfields... parang farmtown... i was trying to get a good shot dahil di na ako pinayagang tumigil pa kami hehehe i got some pero di ko nacapture yung gusto ko... :-)...pero kuya oteng pointed to one of the mountain ranges we passed by...sabi nya sa kabilang side lang daw yung shariff aguak (tama ba?)... and he told us na from cotabato we passed by a part of the road that forked...the other one was already the route that's heading to where the abduction took place... that's the closest i could get to that area...and i dont have any intention to really go there hehehe ;D

we reached lebak safely... after the nakakalokang 15-hour roadtrip... adventure to the highest level to's like travelliing to ground zero except lang na lumihis kami hehehe ;D kakaiba nga talaga travel around mindanao...tama si leo, i cant be how i am during my other trips...pauwi tomorrow we will be passing by the same route again... sana it will be just as safe as our trip coming here...

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