Wednesday, November 4, 2009

cawa-cawa chill...

i grew up in zamboanga but i never get to hangout in cawa-cawa... it has this reputation of a dating place that's why i dont wanna be seen there or else il get reprimanded...hehe! the place is great if you want to wait for zamboanga sunset! although, zambo people now have paseo del mar, cawa-cawa still provides a better view since nothing blocks the sunset(a.k.a the port area for paseo del mar).

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when the gang came here last Sept09, i had my first tambay in Cawa-cawa too! they were looking for "tusok-tusok" food after our barter trip so we brought them there...

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they were really amazed with the big tempuras! (fishballs are not "uso" here, these tempuras are preferred). they were still raving about it despite our explanations that these are just flour-ridden to make it bigger...

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ezra had another find! we initially thought these were fried chicken skin... but when we asked 'manong' what it's made of...he told us that these are actually chicken intestines... fried with flour... just make sure you'll have the newly fried ones so its still crunchy. and to make it moreflavorful, hot and sweet sauce are available for the tempura and this fried chix... :)

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and this is my find! hehehe green mangoes! since i cant eat fried chix i looked for one that i can rave too! 'bagoong' is a no no for me so i ended up with the spicy salt(salt with crushed chilis!) with my mangoes. :)

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gagay was really amazed that the 'balut' vendor gave him alcohol so he can sanitize his hands first before digging in... :D

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well what can i say, its cool to hangout in cawa-cawa din pala. :D me and my dude went back again there for another "tusok-tusok" session...and that time we had the beached vessel to shoot...

Cawa-Cawa (RT Lim Boulevard)
Baliwasan, Zamboanga City
07 September 2009



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