Tuesday, December 31, 2013

busy day for the CAT trucks and kuyaboo (12.31.2013)

 before our new year cookin' was placed in high gear, the daddyboo was playing with the kuya pao with his new CAT trucks.... the machines were all busy that day, and the operator too, with picking pomelo and making pacute sa daddyboo.... :-)

though i hope the pao won't opt to be an engineer someday.... i prefer him to have work that would enable him to be mobile and still earn big bucks! :-) hihihihi

happy new year celeb!

new year in zamboanga city is supposed to be quieter dahil bawal ng bumili at magbenta ng paputok...to prevent those who were not able to move on from the gunshot sounds from the siege....it was quiet until 12mn.... it was crazy noisy in our area, where they got their firecrackers is a big question.... my paolo acted crazy, takot na takot.... so a minute before midnight he and daddyboo stayed inside the bedroom... hehehe

but hours before midnight we found out that mamang (who was in manila during the new year celeb) had a stash of fireworks in the bedroom.... kala ko pinuslit nya somewhere, but she later told us that this was from some new year back.... we played with it around 10pm kaya game na game pa ang paolo kasi walang ingay.... we tried to stop him from finishing everything para meron pa sa midnight pero ang ending e kami kami lang din ang ngubos dahil nga nagtago na sila ng daddyboo.... :-) what a way to welcome 2014.... :-) our giant baby however was soooo game, he stayed outside and enjoyed watching us light the rest of mamang's stash of fireworks.... :-)

oh and that calamansi with coins and etc na sinasabit sa door by midnight, i had it all prepared as bilin ni mamang, pero 15min before it was supposed to be hang, ang magaling na paolo e pinitas ang calamansi!!! hahaha panic mode to put it all together for midnight! new years are indeed celebrated better with kids around! :-)

Monday, December 30, 2013

tita izzy in the haus!!! (dec 30,2013)

after i dunno how many yearsssss..... happy to see you again izzypots!!! and happier that you get to meet my boys!!! :-) i think its so obvious they were happy to have you in the house even just for a few hours!!! :-) thanks for the visit!

created and posted: January 24, 2014

slide na di slide (family fried dec 30, 2013)

ang slide na hindi nag-sslide si paolo.... hehe must have been because of his bulky pants....

crazy kiddo... kept laughing and tried to crawl (tama ba kahit nakahiga haha!) his way down.... :D but in fairness this is where he finally conquered his fear of this play areas.... he's being pushed aside kasi sa jobee play area.... :-) 

created and posted January 30, 2014

yearend date with TG titas! (dec30, 2013)

as much as possible we meet every year kahit isang beses lang.... my highschool best buddies! this time i have my kids (and the yayas haha) in tow, their first to meet mateo.... nothing's changed, mga baliw pa rin as usual.... lalo na sa picture picture! :-) sana in the next 2-3 years may additional babies in tow na from you ela, cherry, mghee and manash!!! 

we missed you that day manash and marsha! :-)

mateo.... artista??? hahaha kelangan may pic sa lahat??? hihi

intense ng mga yayas! hihihi

anlaki na ng baby mo babyrose!!! i cant imagine pano mo yan nacocontain! hahaha lalake pa naman at mukhang malikot.... :D

face off! haha

nadiscover din ng ninang cherry pano palabasin ang ngiti.... iyugyog ang mateo!!! haha

pretty tita cherry and pretty ate yayam!!! 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

revisiting my 2013 wishlist....

ok here goes... im back here and it feels kinda weird.... my last post was August 24,2013!!! what war and crammed work (because of the war) can do.... it can kill your blog! hehehe just kidding... just making my usual excuses... but i miss this, i miss my little space... 2013 had gone way too fast! one minute i was very pregnant then i popped then it's war time in Zamboanga then the Bohol quake and the crazy Yolanda.... everything seems like a blur now... it feels numb that finally this crazy year's about to end.... but im still grateful about a million things... i just wanna go back and see how much of my wishlist i was able to hit (red font)... :-)

1.) push through with the trips planned as early as last year (with plane tix pa! hehe). my 2013 will be a little restricted in terms of travel because of the pregnancy so will just have to stick with a few already planned trips this year.... :-) 
    • a. CDO-Camiguin-Iligan with Kaladkarin (Feb!) - while this is supposed to be an action-filled trip, I will have to create 2 itineraries - one for the rest of the group who would still go white water rafting, zipline, hike and all, and another for my leisure trip because i'll be 5months pregnant by then... :-)
      • yey natuloy to!!! despite the hubby's protests with me bringing pao with us but nothing beats this girl's persistence. Pao enjoyed the trip so much!!! we all enjoyed the trip (except the daddyboo who kept on complaining kasi sya daw karga ke pao.. hehe)
    • b. Lakewood roadtrip with Kaladkarin (April!) - a 4-hr drive from Zamboanga City...hoping to bring paolo with us during this trip, and hoping i can still endure that 4hr drive (i'll be 7mos pregnant by then hehe)
      • didn't push through.... :-(
    • c. Luzon roadtrip with Leo's boys (Sept!) - pre-planned dahil may tix na! pero destination unknown pa rin! hahaha... although kakatapos lang ng maternity leave ko nito... go pa rin!!! or baka nga pasok pa sa maternity leave ko? haha :D pao's got his own tix too, this will be his pre-2nd bday celebration, dahil i want him to celebrate his new year someplace new to him... :-)
      • was actually dreaming of a beach trip up north (pagudpud or la union!), or at least baguio.... but everybody has their own plans so we got stuck in manila.... tried to make the most of it.... push for a visit to Ocean Park (my 2nd bday gift to paolo), then the boys had their own lakad so i went to see my girlfriends with paolo! and on the last day we were still undecided where to go (i objected to a trip to EK since it'll be too hot for a tot), so i just decided to spend mine and pao's last day with Kuya Uno and Tita Joy! nevermind my dream beach trip, the Ocean Park and playtime with kuya uno stuck with paolo to this time. :-)
    • d. Manila pre-christmas trip (Nov!) - although no tix pa, pero i want to be in Manila before the craziness of christmas and just in time when all the lights and decorations are up... want to bring the 2 kids na din... since my sis' family won't be coming home in december, we still have an excuse to have a pre-christmas date with them! :D
      • didn't get to buy us tix anymore so we were not able to go.... soooo inggit with kuya uno and ate chuchay playtime!
    • e. Attend Dianne's wedding!!! (Dec!!) - kahit na she missed my wedding, i want to be there during hers...it'll be a sort of mini-reunion for my GE girlfriends! quick trip pero will really save the date for this trip... :D
      • yey natuloy to!!! though didn't get to bond with the bride...t'was a fun little escape for mommyboo.... :-) and as usual crazy time with ex-GE pips (di applicable ang ex ke Ryan and Ezra hehehe)

Saturday, October 5, 2013

instagram photodump #9 (september 2013)

im in loooove.... sooooo inlove...♥♥♥

paolo @ 1yr 10mos 23days
mateo @ 2mos 20days
September 01,2013

umn...kid excuse me...ur in my frame...its my turn now with jobee..@2mos 20daysSeptember 01,2013

oooohhh that smirk.... i think i saw that before with paolo too..tita lelang!

@2mos 20days
September 01,2013

seryosong nanonood ke jobee dance..

September 03, 2013

bagong gising....waiting for tita joy and kuya uno.. 

September 05, 2013
pao @ 1yr 10mos 27days

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

instagram photodump #8 (august 2013)

all the craziness this week is all worth it because in between exhaustion i get smiles like this (my bad...wasnt able to capture mateo's smiles din)... fingers crossed that everything will be ok tonight....
August 9,2013

taking over the toys' box...
August 21, 2013

Saturday, August 24, 2013

instagram photodump #7 (july2013)

mahmee's officially on leave...
July 02,2013

takaw dudu..takaw tulog...almost 9lbs and we're not even 1mo yet... kamukha mo sya dito baduday!!!
July 04, 2013

brother love.... ♥♥♥
July 06, 2013

Thursday, July 18, 2013

instagram photodump #6 (June2013)

June is our fave month this year.... because it's the time that we became 4.... the time that we welcomed our Mateo... t'was a bittersweet times though... as a mommy, i somehow felt that little sadness for pao because there will be no more mommy-pao-daddy only, he needs to grasp the fact that he has to consider the 4th member of the family.... but our pao was such a great kuya we did not have any issues during the transition.... a little "selos" is there from time to time but everyday's ok. :-) 

pcute n nman para di aalis si mahmee... @1yr 7mos 23days
June 01,2013

new hair today...
pao@ 1yr 7mos 24days
June 02,2013

pao@ 1yr 7mos 26daysJune 04, 2013

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

paotalk - "kiss muna"

i started this paotalk thing here some months ago wanting to document Pao's progress in communicating... but i have been such a lazy bumble bee... so i have my 2nd post just now... and since the last, pao's vocabulary had blown up beyond what i can keep track.... he seems to know a lot of words already, he's actually communicating with us now (he's 1yr 9mos as of this post)... :-) 

here's our little conversation last night:

me: pao may pasalubong ako...(shows him the lollipop... and expected that he'll say "pasalubong pasalubong" as usual)

pao: (shouts with arms stretched out sabay nguso) kiss muna!! kiss muna!!

haha poor kid alam na ang suhol na hihingin sa kanya.... :D

Saturday, July 13, 2013

i'm back.... hopefully for good!!!

because i badly feel the need to document my life with these boys.... :-)

....and yes i miss my Promding Chamimay badly too...

i don't have any excuse this time, the pregnancy totally slowed my momentum in anything... but now that cute chubby-cheeked baby is already out, i suppose i can get my groove back, for real... :-) fingers-crossed!!! :-)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

instagram photodump #4 (Apr 16-30,2013)

start of the scribble here scribble there stage... :-)

playtime with tita lelang... last day before her trip to Cebu... 

farewell pic with tita lelang.... paowish - you'll find a real nice work in Cebu!!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

instagram photodump #3 (Apr1-15,2013)

iced drop session...
still very much into trucks... :-)

my collection of empty ballpens (each all drained out at work...saving them to teach paolo multiplication and division... just like how my ninany inday taught me when i was just 3...can still remember vividly portions of that tutorial...hehe)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

instagram photodump #2 (Mar2013)

my boys.... :-)
Mar 09,2013

meetup with GE buddies!
Mar 11,2013

Buddy's pancit lucban!!! dont forget the suka!!
Mar 13,2013


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