Thursday, July 18, 2013

instagram photodump #6 (June2013)

June is our fave month this year.... because it's the time that we became 4.... the time that we welcomed our Mateo... t'was a bittersweet times though... as a mommy, i somehow felt that little sadness for pao because there will be no more mommy-pao-daddy only, he needs to grasp the fact that he has to consider the 4th member of the family.... but our pao was such a great kuya we did not have any issues during the transition.... a little "selos" is there from time to time but everyday's ok. :-) 

pcute n nman para di aalis si mahmee... @1yr 7mos 23days
June 01,2013

new hair today...
pao@ 1yr 7mos 24days
June 02,2013

pao@ 1yr 7mos 26daysJune 04, 2013

good morning! (smile n labas ipin) - pao + backhoe
@ 1yr 7mos 27days
June 05, 2013

and he's home...sulat mode....
June 06, 2013

crazy with paper planes and paper boats lately...
June 09, 2013

biglang ready...hehehe
June 12, 2013

regular 2oz-er for the past 3sessions!!! ♥♥♥ having high hopes for exclusive breastfeedng at least for my 2mo leave....
June 16, 2013
this is us since yesterday...i guess having mahmee the whole day makes the haus too bright...hehehe
June 19, 2013

chickn loll (chicken roll) monster... hehehe since out of stock na dito sa haus mahmee improvised with sandwich spread and the monster loved it...hehe
June 19, 2013

chicken loll love.... ♥♥♥ baby steps, sandwiches for now...once my strength's back lets do pasta for the babies... excited!!
June 19, 2013

last day of our extended alone time...he introduced me to his cheetah.  finally nadistinguish na si cheetah and tiger...hehehe we'll hv mat home tmrw... ♥♥♥
June 20, 2013

while waiting for mateo's discharge... nba mode mga boys sa bahay...  at may ngpapacute
June 21, 2013

nakikisali sa craze....
June 21, 2013

"Tabi tabi....huggggg...." gonna miss my boys today...
June 26, 2013

@ 18days... cnt wait for you to be big enuf to play with...  hope mommy cn jst be home para no more yaya worries...
June 30, 2013

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