Tuesday, July 16, 2013

paotalk - "kiss muna"

i started this paotalk thing here some months ago wanting to document Pao's progress in communicating... but i have been such a lazy bumble bee... so i have my 2nd post just now... and since the last, pao's vocabulary had blown up beyond what i can keep track.... he seems to know a lot of words already, he's actually communicating with us now (he's 1yr 9mos as of this post)... :-) 

here's our little conversation last night:

me: pao may pasalubong ako...(shows him the lollipop... and expected that he'll say "pasalubong pasalubong" as usual)

pao: (shouts with arms stretched out sabay nguso) kiss muna!! kiss muna!!

haha poor kid alam na ang suhol na hihingin sa kanya.... :D

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