Tuesday, November 27, 2012

10hours of sleep needed everyday

i think it's about time i have to do my "i'm sorry" post... hehe i owe this to those who still find themselves visiting my blog (feel na feel ko na marami kayo noh? haha!), specially friends from BC Bloggers, because despite my blog standby i still try to keep my existence felt in the weekly Commex, thus you guys still end up here with my 2wks old of blogposts and nothing much to comment anymore... :D hehe... :-)

so yeah, im soooo sorry.... :-(

it's been 3weeks since i found out i'm having baby no.2... and despite my "im tough" behavior, this 2nd pregnancy is draining soooo much of my energy... how? i don't know exactly... i always feel fatigued and in need of sleep... so during sleep time for pao at night i also end up snoring as well. I don't get up to do the usual things i do before going to sleep, and that includes keeping this blog breathing... for 3weeks sleep is my only routine at night... no more blogtime... i just hope it won't be like this for the rest of the 7months before THE day... :-) 

indeed no 2 pregnancies are the same... :-) i'm still adjusting with this one, i initially thought it would be easier this time because i've already gone through the first without so much stress... i'm becoming more maarte about a lot of things... which shocks me too, because i always try not to cause any inconvenience to anyone but now sometimes i think i do... specially to the hubby who needs to stretch his patience some more now hihihi... :D i feel bad a lot of times thinking im causing anybody to do an extra effort for me... and to my little boy who loves to be carried but mommy sometimes have to say "no" because he's too heavy now i always end up with a very uncomfortable backpain... :-( 

sigh... i've turned into a maarte and emotional freak now... i just hope it's because im having a girl... hehe fingers crossed!!! 

oh well, this should have been a quick post but looks like i've said so much already... :D i'm pretty sure i will still be sleeping at least 10hours everyday for the next month, but i hope i'll find a way to update this blog still... :-) i'll be more of a lurker now i suppose... until i'll find a good rhythm to maintain my online life, playing with my boy, crazy yearend work, and trying to be comfortable while growing another baby inside me... :-) and i hope you guys won't still tire coming over... :-)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hi-5 Holiday this Dec2012!

hello... posting a friend's press kit... wish this was during my trip with my boy this December, but we're gonna miss it again... :-( but hope you guys can check it out!!! :-)

The latest hit stage show “Hi-5 Holiday” will delight young audiences at theSM MOA Center Stage and Waterfront Cebu City Hotel

Fans of Hi-5 are in for a treat this December when the Hi-5 gang make their way to Manila and Cebu to take them on the holiday of a lifetime! Returning with their latest stage show “Hi-5 Holiday”, Stevie, Casey, Lauren, Tim and the newest Hi-5 friend Dayen, are set to transport audiences to the most fun filled place in the world – “Hi-5 Island”, where they’ll experience adventures from surfing big waves to dancing with penguins, from jiving in the jungle to taking a trip under the sea. This exhilarating stage show performs at the SM MOA Center Stage from December 15-16, 2012 and at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel on December 23, 2012. Tickets are now on sale.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

pao's monthly evolution during year1

got this idea from an Oprah show before... take photos of your kid in the same piece of cloth every month and see how he grows... :-) my sister did this too with Uno... i tried to religiously do this every month but failed on the 10th... 

anyways, here's an attempt to summarize that monthly craziness we do every morning of the date of his bday... it started as a quiet activity, to a laughter-filled 15min then turned into something where a wrestling match need to happen just to keep him still for a few secs and stay within the frame hehehe... :D

the piece of clothing used was a Magdalo shirt given by my bro, pao's ate chuchay and tita alyn when the pao was still 5months inside me...

can you spot the difference.... i can't... specially from the 7th to the 12th month.... :-) but can you? i guess this little activity will be more effective if a onesie was used... will take note of that for the next baby... hehehe :D

black&white version, with red color accent (to highlight the Magdalo logo)

colored... i hate how the lighting differs in all photos... :D

Saturday, November 3, 2012

zambo 4 u!

i'm trying to compile in one blog all posts about Zamboanga City created by travel bloggers who ignored our place's negative image and spend a day or 2 here... :-) thanks sooooo much! 

I'm collecting them all here: Zambo4u. please try to visit their posts because they're full of very helpful details about our place... :-) and if you find the guts, please visit zamboanga city too!!! it's actually safe here.. :D

Thursday, November 1, 2012

will you help me? :-)

reach 100 GFC followers? :-)

and reach 30 Networked blog followers? :-)

all before end of 2012! haha! just some wishful thinking... :-) 

i don't do giveaways and all that, i just hope to have fun followers whom i will definitely follow back! :-) 

...for what? wala lang, this year i made new friends online through this blog, and i want to meet more! :-)

i sound desperate... i know! hahaha but it wouldn't hurt if you would help me di ba? :D

mwuah! salamat!!! :D


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