Thursday, January 24, 2013

thank u tita nadie!

thank you soooo much tita nadie!!! i have a playmate na who doesn't complain about being pushed, thrown, and kicked around.... hehehehe :D

December 26, 2012
P @ 1yr 2mos 15days old

hooray for lolos!!!

IMG_5224 IMG_5222

P's daily companion, when mommy and daddy's out working, other than the yaya is his "lwolwo"... watching him bother the lolo with the filling materials, i noticed he had already picked up a lot of my papang's manerisms.... like the towel on the shoulder, towel used to spank the dogs... well in a way i'm glad staying with my 'rents added a dash of fun in pao and papang's everyday.... :-)

December 30, 2012
P @ 1yr 2mos 21days old

thank u ninang monira! :-)

i think so far these are the only toys left with wheels still intact! hahaha... thanks sooooo much ninang Monira!!! learned to play pushing toy cars with these... :-)

(when i took this photo i actually told P i'm taking his pic...he actually tilted his head and smiled...but i was too slow to capture that...urgh! am losing my touch...hehe)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

dove monster

although we have doves as housemates, but this is his first time to see soooo many just walking around with the people trying to get food we give them... he just loves running thru them and making them all fly... :D but we need to stop him, because other people lounging in the area are actually having fun feeding them, we dont want to ruin their moment with the doves.... :D

Paseo del Pilar (near Fort Pilar), Zamboanga City
January 1, 2013
P @ 1yr 2mos 23days old

i'm having a baby brother!!!

when everyone was hoping for a baby girl, including me, the baby decided to be a boy! hehehehe initially i felt sad because we've set our expectations so high, but then it made me think, i'm not too kikay to be a mom of a girl! haha... so since we've only planned for 2 kids, the rest of my life will be testosterone-filled!!!! let's start planning for crazy trips boys.... bungee jumping MUST be on the list!!!! weeee!!! am so excited for Pao, he will have a playmate na talaga!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

bath al fresco

we've been taking baths in his little yellow tub placed on our kitchen sink... he's beginning to look real big for the tub though we still continue to bath him there... so whenever we get the chance to make his bath time more fun we have in a bigger palanggana outside which he loves because it's deeper so he has more water to pretend swim... :-)

Monday, January 21, 2013

i need some mommy help! (travel with tots)

although our coming Feb trip is not my first time to travel with the kiddo, but the first travel was a piece of cake! i only need to worry about the "in-transit" part because once we arrived in Manila we were either at my brother's or my sister's place....and since they kids less than 3years old everything, from bottle sterilizer, to extra nappies or anything else baby-related is not in any of my things-to-worry list then.. hehehe

The CDO trip this Feb is different however... it will be my usual gala lang talaga. So that would mean we will be staying in not so expensive hotels, will be traveling with my usual travel buddies, we would most likely be in different places everyday, meaning different hotels too.... so here's my 2 baby things that's still a big puzzle for me...and i have more or less a month to prepare for the trip...

1) sterilizer for the feeding bottles! since the kiddo rejected my boobs since he was just a month old, we've been bottle dependent... i asked an officemate who travelled with her not-breastfeeding kid before and asked about this particular prob, she told me she actually brought their sterilizer with them... well, she's really not the travel-light kind... but i'm actually tempted, though i cant imagine carrying more than 1 bag to move around during the trip!!! so please, anybody who have more brilliant ideas??? :-)

2) infant milk - i know it can be bought anywhere, but i think it would be such a hassle specially if we're on the move most of the time... however, buying milk in boxes is more expensive than getting a can...but i'm just a bit hesitant about the bulkiness of even a small can of milk... hehehe i'm sooo used to light travel that this is really a big puzzle for me to solve now... :D diapers would be easier to bring, i will just have to forget about cloth diapers for this trip...sorry Earth! :D

all the other baby items i want to make sure we have with us are  still within my reasonable things to carry... :-) here's my must haves:
1) sandos...lots of baby sandos! hehehe not really, cguro 2-3 for each day.
2) shorts, 1-2 each day.
3) jammies, 1 each day
4) Off lotion
5) baby powder
6) caladryl
7) bath soap and shampoo
8) alcohol
9) at most 2 towels, we'll just be out for 3days... :D
10) lotion
11) 4 milk bottles
12) dishwashing liquid and sponge
13) stash of his favorite Fita
14) 2 small toy cars
15) his fave transportation book
16) beach toys (pail and pala hehe) we're definitely having a beach part!!! am so xcited for this...

hmn.... this is what i have in mind so far.... anything else you think i forgot??? or any really helpful tips please, would really really appreciate!!! :D

last new year (dec.31,2012)

part of my "bloglog" which im too OC to just let pass... so whoever happens to these late posts, please bear with me...i just want to document our boring life here, more for personal consumption actually... :D hehe


though this is supposed to be his 2nd new year celeb pero this is the first time we brought him outside to watch a little of the craze... (i swear no more of this next new year dahil hanep sa usok as always! hehehe)

pao's first close encounter with a lechon! :-) he hates the grease after touching it, but he kept on coming back just to stare at the pig's open mouth... hehe :D

little bagger

soooo into his "explore" mode... found a way to play with plastic bags... :-)
i dunno why the photos didn't rotate when uploaded in gickr... :-( anyways, cute pa rin naman diba? :D

and he's also at the stage of discovering lots of things with his body... here's a little show off moment....

January 12, 2013
1yr 3mos 3days old

first encounter with the "tipaklong"

 one very dark night (as in literal na dark talaga, thanks to Zamcelco!), we had a very green visitor over... he dared to be near us because of the only source of light in the living room.... and so our little camper was sooooo thrilled you can't get his attention away from the little hopper... :-)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

my kalbs-boys

the babyboo had his first haircut last december (which by the way is worth a blogpost and is still under my draft...bloglog urgh!)... and the daddyboo had been keeping his head bald for sometime already... so out of randomness, we were all in the mood for this photo... :-) and this taught my kiddo to say kalbo... his word exactly: "'boh". :D

January 02, 2013

pao hilot

in our household, hilot and haplas is still a common thing, specially that we have both grannies with us. and since the little tot is at the stage of imitation, everything he sees we do is a must try for him... one night he saw my mom massaging my dad's back because he was having a bad cough... the tot immediately climbed on my mom's lap so he could help.... :-) sometimes during our mini playtime before going to sleep i would also ask him to do little kicks/steps on mommy's back because it helps sooth the backpain from the pregnancy... and he's almost always my willing victim hehehe :D

yes, we're living with my 'rents! :-) although i might get some frown there but this is what i have in mind when i decided to settle for good in zamboanga. I want my parents to experience having somebody else other than themselves at home... although sometimes im also trying to picture out what would our life be if its just us, our little growing family... but my parents deserve to have us with them, specially the little tot, after allowing us all to go to college and eventually work far from home. So here's my way of catching up with them. :-)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pao-talk (ep.1)

i thought at this time we will still be focusing on learning how to walk, but pao already dealt with that a few days after his first birthday... since then we're on the learning to talk phase... :-)

his vocabulary at 1yr 3months (some words were already used when he was just months old - specially "car". but i cant remember when exactly, so here's just a list of what we have so far...)

cah! - car
tah - star
mooo - moon
'klong - tipaklong
khang - kahang (maanghang)
lowlow - lolo
lowla - lola
dahdi - daddy
iihhhh - mommy (i know im reduced to just ih! while the daddy and the lolo/lola get to have complete names! hehehe)
'isssh - fish
'bah - baba
tuh - truck
jih-jih - jeep
jeeh-jeeh (sabay sundot sa dibdib) - Jesus
bash - toothbrush
dagdagdagdag - hellicopter/airplane (he learned the sound first before the word hehe, kasi he gets awakened everytime a chopper passes by my inlaws place during our weekend visit there)
bowh - ball

Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 wishlist and resolutions

revisiting my 2012 wishlist at the end of the year was fun, so let me do this again... :-)

1.) push through with the trips planned as early as last year (with plane tix pa! hehe). my 2013 will be a little restricted in terms of travel because of the pregnancy so will just have to stick with a few already planned trips this year.... :-) 
    • a. CDO-Camiguin-Iligan with Kaladkarin (Feb!) - while this is supposed to be an action-filled trip, I will have to create 2 itineraries - one for the rest of the group who would still go white water rafting, zipline, hike and all, and another for my leisure trip because i'll be 5months pregnant by then... :-)
    • b. Lakewood roadtrip with Kaladkarin (April!) - a 4-hr drive from Zamboanga City...hoping to bring paolo with us during this trip, and hoping i can still endure that 4hr drive (i'll be 7mos pregnant by then hehe)
    • c. Luzon roadtrip with Leo's boys (Sept!) - pre-planned dahil may tix na! pero destination unknown pa rin! hahaha... although kakatapos lang ng maternity leave ko nito... go pa rin!!! or baka nga pasok pa sa maternity leave ko? haha :D pao's got his own tix too, this will be his pre-2nd bday celebration, dahil i want him to celebrate his new year someplace new to him... :-)
    • d. Manila pre-christmas trip (Nov!) - although no tix pa, pero i want to be in Manila before the craziness of christmas and just in time when all the lights and decorations are up... want to bring the 2 kids na din... since my sis' family won't be coming home in december, we still have an excuse to have a pre-christmas date with them! :D
    • e. Attend Dianne's wedding!!! (Dec!!) - kahit na she missed my wedding, i want to be there during'll be a sort of mini-reunion for my GE girlfriends! quick trip pero will really save the date for this trip... :D

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

still struggling to be back...

blogging has a way of teasing my comeback... just as i was able to gain some momentum and was already in the process of completing my "2013 wishlist and resolutions" post, it disappeared suddenly... and i'm left discouraged again, trying to force myself to recreate everything... hehe :D 

so i guess i will just have to postpone that post and start with something sunshiny happy... to start some good vibes in this extracurricular activity im trying to's some pacute hello from my 1yr 3mos kiddo who looks like a 2yr old and communicates with us like a 3yr old (minus the actual words, but yeah he understands our conversations and responds accordingly)... :-)

what 3months can do to a growing tot!!! i hope i can start documenting his progress again through this blog and not skip another 3months or more and then come back blogging that he's already talking too much! hehehe :-)

this may be very late but Merry Christmas and a super fantastic 2013 to all of you!!! :-)


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