Monday, January 21, 2013

last new year (dec.31,2012)

part of my "bloglog" which im too OC to just let pass... so whoever happens to these late posts, please bear with me...i just want to document our boring life here, more for personal consumption actually... :D hehe


though this is supposed to be his 2nd new year celeb pero this is the first time we brought him outside to watch a little of the craze... (i swear no more of this next new year dahil hanep sa usok as always! hehehe)

pao's first close encounter with a lechon! :-) he hates the grease after touching it, but he kept on coming back just to stare at the pig's open mouth... hehe :D

those brows are sooo together most part of the night.... everything's new to him...the noise, the lights, the full table, being up that late! :D

....and seeing our dog really scared... he was trying to imitate my mom's way to appease the poor dog... :D

actually i miss how we're having our new year celebrations with our neighbors (my childhood neighbors, not our current hehe)... everybody's outside the house playing...well, that's how i remember it... :-)

December 31,2012-January 1,2013
1yr 2mos 22days old

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