Tuesday, January 22, 2013

bath al fresco

we've been taking baths in his little yellow tub placed on our kitchen sink... he's beginning to look real big for the tub though we still continue to bath him there... so whenever we get the chance to make his bath time more fun we have in a bigger palanggana outside which he loves because it's deeper so he has more water to pretend swim... :-)

his swimming moves.... this one's a show off of his hand movements for swimming... :D

and here's some feet movement.... :-) i guess we badly need a beach or pool session asap!!! he'd been practicing every bathtime! hehehe :D

December 30, 2012
pao @ 1yr 2mos 21days old


  1. Buy him a small non-expensive mini pool, he will surely love it! I remember my daughter when she was between 1 and 2. She loves being inside a pail.

  2. fresco ya el bata. He really is enjoying the water.

  3. How time flies no? My son used to bathe in his bath tub. But now he is like us na who bathes inside the bathroom. I agree with Mylene, you buy him a mini inflatable pool para he can practice more. Hehe

    Mommy Maye

  4. Or better yet enroll him for swimming classes specially that summer's almost near. That's a plan for my tots for the summer. :-)

  5. Looking at these photos reminds me of my 2 girls. They love taking a cool bath on the tub. My youngest don't even want to get of the water.

  6. Just like our son, he used to take bath in planggana, then we decided to get him a tub, now, he takes his bath in the bathroom already. Sometimes, we used to inflate his pool and there he goes.



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