Monday, January 21, 2013

first encounter with the "tipaklong"

 one very dark night (as in literal na dark talaga, thanks to Zamcelco!), we had a very green visitor over... he dared to be near us because of the only source of light in the living room.... and so our little camper was sooooo thrilled you can't get his attention away from the little hopper... :-)

i was telling him it was a tipaklong and the daddyboo automatically corrected and told him it's a grasshopper (ang arte! gusto inglisero ang anak! hehehe but i wanted him to learn both)... but the kiddo thinks the tipaklong is easier to say than grasshopper! hahaha... he kept on saying "klong" the whole time.... :D

the kiddo really wanted to touch his new green friend, he kept on pulling my hand to touch it first! hahaha.... it was the daddyboo who assisted him because i want to take photos of everything they're doing!!! :D they only got as far as the hopper's antennae so as not to scare and make him jump... the kiddo was satisfied with the little touch... and so we had a happy ending for that night. :-) 

january 04, 2013


  1. I remember Matt's first encounter with a grasshopper. He was really amzed but afraid to touch.

  2. He is lucky he has an encounter with insects, pa! I heard those in the big cities rarely have the chance!

  3. Haha titig na titig! So cute! I remember when my two year old nephew was awed by butterflies flying sa little pocket garden ko here in Baguio. Parang first time makakita ng butterfly. Madalang kasi ganun sa Manila haha



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