Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pao-talk (ep.1)

i thought at this time we will still be focusing on learning how to walk, but pao already dealt with that a few days after his first birthday... since then we're on the learning to talk phase... :-)

his vocabulary at 1yr 3months (some words were already used when he was just months old - specially "car". but i cant remember when exactly, so here's just a list of what we have so far...)

cah! - car
tah - star
mooo - moon
'klong - tipaklong
khang - kahang (maanghang)
lowlow - lolo
lowla - lola
dahdi - daddy
iihhhh - mommy (i know im reduced to just ih! while the daddy and the lolo/lola get to have complete names! hehehe)
'isssh - fish
'bah - baba
tuh - truck
jih-jih - jeep
jeeh-jeeh (sabay sundot sa dibdib) - Jesus
bash - toothbrush
dagdagdagdag - hellicopter/airplane (he learned the sound first before the word hehe, kasi he gets awakened everytime a chopper passes by my inlaws place during our weekend visit there)
bowh - ball

animal sounds (actually he had been doing animal sounds waay ahead of his words, he prefers his animal toys too!):

rooster: kook-ko-rook! (he was only able to do this when he was 3mos old, now he's trying but cant really do well)
dog: wawawaw! (matinis na bose pa)
cat: mea-meow-meow (matinis na boses din)
snake: hissssssss
cow: moooooowh!
lizard: uh-hooohhhh! (basta weird way nya yan, i cant even copy it!)
horse - eheh-heh-heh-heh!
lion - raaaarrrr!! may facial expression pang kasama
tiger - raaaarrr!!
dinosaur - raaaarrr!!
dolphin - heeh! heeeehh! heeeeeh! doing a dolphin's swimming and leaping through hand gestures (turo ng daddy nya!)
pig - hu hu hu hu (crying! hahaha dahil sa story telling with the figurines with the lola)

i'm not sure if i'm able to include all here... but this is what i can remember so far... will continue to list down his words month after month until we're talking for real! :D

although he's still with words without the sound of the last consonant, he still communicates well with gestures. although i find that cute, sometimes i freak out or just turn teary-eyed because you can seem to have a conversation with him already... he can be asked to throw trash in the trash can, he gets rags or broom if asked to clean up...that and all other stuff... maybe i'm still not used to how kids are today, they just develop so fast all the things written about them is already on the verge of obsolescence... hehe :D pao is trying to cope up with all the adults around him...i hope with the coming of another baby, he will slow down a little and be a kid for now... :-)


  1. Just continue talking to him, mommy!Soon, he will be the one reading you a story book haha

  2. I will not forget the the dagdagdagdag because of the baloon after our photowalk!

    1. hehehe... naku doc! meron pa yan syang moment with the balloon when i brought him sa City Hall to see the lights...e andaming vendors, di na nya pinansin ang lights, yung dagdagdagdag na lang kaya ayun napabili ulit! hahaha :D

  3. soooo cute.... he's learning fast. :-)

  4. That's a fast learning baby you have there! So nice of you to chronicle it on your blog! :) You're doing a great job mommy! :)

  5. LOL! This brings memories of when I chronicled my eldest's language development the way you're doing it now. I didn't have a blog yet during that time, had househelp, and plenty of time on my hands. I wasn't able to do the same thing with my son though.
    Oh, and based on experience, first-borns really do mature, emotionally and in other aspects, faster than their siblings.

  6. You should read that book on baby language. Just Google Priscilla Dunstan. :D

  7. Hahaha! It's nice to document these types of pep talks with our little ones. I'm instagramming as well some quotable quotes by my 4 year old daughter too. Reminds me that I have to post it over my blog some time.

  8. Wow, it's really nice you are documenting them down. My 1 year and 2 months baby boy is learning a lot of words as well.

  9. He is doing quite well for his age so keep it up... Soon he won't stop talking. haha!
    Eliz bc blogger

  10. Cute! I have a niece, 2 yrs old and a nephew, 1 yr old, who speak almost the same hehe!

  11. That is so cute. I always cherish moments that are FIRSTS for our babies. I wish I had recorded them from my eldest to my youngest child. :-)

  12. Cute! Natawa ako sa tipaklong hehehe, that is a mouthful!

  13. i agree with them. just keep talking to him. madami pa syang matututunan. my son's first word was ATE and i find it really really cute.

  14. ang cute naman ng baby mo sis...parang may sariling siyang vocabulary..hehehe

    visiting from CE

  15. Cute naman! Hahabol lang kami sa phase na yan. Coming soon pa kami haha

  16. I had fun reading your post. My nephew namn is also starting with this own voca.. he's gone "tih" for "star" and "id" for "red". brilliant diba?! :)

  17. Hehehe I remember my eldest daughter when she was starting to talk, super bulol hehehe... Way to go for your son.

  18. My BabyLove pretty much pronounces some of the words just like your son does. I was also planning on sharing her "own" version of words soon, 'coz it's so funny! Hahaha

  19. Wow! I'm looking forward to my daughter's 1st words as well. Sana machronicle ko din.

  20. oh.. your post remind me of my nephew.. he has his own words too.. like for example toti-toti means karga.. parang alien word lang..

  21. hahaha, cute! its nice that you accounted pao's words

  22. so cute! my cousin who is now turning 3 yrs old this year, is so articulate for her age.. she's like "lola" in her age. hahaha i think it is nice to talk with children like a grown up and not the baby way.. they learn fast and adopt to it quickly..

  23. Adorable! :D

    Which reminds me of my brother whose eldest son is a bit bulol. He does not correct his son's mispronunciation kasi cute daw, lol.

  24. Natawa naman ako sa version nya ng mommy, lizard at pig. My youngest nephew at that age used to just say "apachepachepache" as if he was conversing something important hehehe. Now that he's 4, super talkative na lol! Still I have a hard time deciphering some words. I used to tease him into saying "unggoy" but he would always say "undoy" until he devised a counter-attack on tita and will say "monkey" instead hahaha!

  25. Cool that you are noting down what your little one is learning to read. before you know it he will be able to call you mummy proudly!!

  26. Katuwa naman! Toddlers do have a strange vocabulary. Sa Ilocos province kaya if the child has limited vocabulary, they use old susi and symbolically open the mouth of the kid and ito yung mas gross, they let the kid eat the reproductive organ of a female cow!eeew

  27. Sooo cute! Kami din we're trying to keep up with my nephew's growing vocabulary. But i don't think anyone's bothered to write them down. Recently natuto sya to say "Birthday Daddy" kakatuwa kasi days after my brother's birthday sinasabi pa rin nya, lalo na pag may balloons. haha :)

  28. I could imagine how fast Pao is growing!... in actions... in speech... soon in school na! WOW!!!

  29. ang cute! I like how he says Jesus. It's good na he knows Jesus at a very young age.

  30. talking to your child and correcting her words would increase her vocabulary.

  31. My wife talks to our kids every morning when they wake up and teaches them new words.

  32. hahaha ~ we passed by this phase too! Children are just adorable! :)

  33. It's so funny to hear toddlers talk. They're just so adorable :) I talked to my daughter a lot when she was just starting to talk. Describing everything and paraphrasing what she says if it's wrong so we can correct it.

  34. Just encourage him to talk. My son is so talkative now. Parang matanda lang magsalita and he will even imitates lahat ng pangaral namin sa kanya especially when we are doing what is not right. Hehe..



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