Wednesday, January 23, 2013

dove monster

although we have doves as housemates, but this is his first time to see soooo many just walking around with the people trying to get food we give them... he just loves running thru them and making them all fly... :D but we need to stop him, because other people lounging in the area are actually having fun feeding them, we dont want to ruin their moment with the doves.... :D

Paseo del Pilar (near Fort Pilar), Zamboanga City
January 1, 2013
P @ 1yr 2mos 23days old


  1. My kids love doing that also..shooing away the birds on purpose to see them take flight.

  2. We don't have such place here. I bet my son will love playing with doves all around him.

  3. when my kids were smaller they do that also...dove monster haha

  4. Oh lovely sight! My grandparents house before, doves would come in, too, and we'd play with them. ;)

  5. I see doves in our plaza in the morning. By mid-morning, they are gone. I wonder where they go.



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