Saturday, June 28, 2014

little car driving

we head straight to Yubenco for our stocks for dinner after playing at daddyboo's office...and while we're there the boys can not let driving little cars pass... so off they go.... 

the mateo had always been the more adventurous one and was never scared... he sits on his car like it's already a regular thing for him

new found playground!

spur of the moment joy ride dahil we need to buy stuff to cook for dinner.... we passed by daddyboo's workplace which is just near our place... the boys loved the big space.... i think it's mateo's first time to be running around a grassy area dahil parang nghehesitate pa sya when he initially stepped on the grass part and went back to the paved area... the last time we brought him in a grassy place e hindi pa sya nakakalakad on his own... he eventually love the soft feel of the grass too! 

kuyaboo: you're looking like a big boy here already... makes mommy forget sometimes that you're not even 3!!! please don't get too excited to grow up, let's take things slow please....

followin' the leader

our little motmot is soooo excited to catch up with his kuyaboo that he dared to take those first steps weeks before his first birthday... so on mommy's first full weekend at home since our little buddha started to walk, iv seen how he's really trying to imitate kuyaboo!!!

i'm sorry for the ugly backgrounds and sloppy photos, i just find this set soooo adorable i can not choose to remove some of the photos.... :-) the motmot held on the other end of the almost-out-of-air balloons from his birthday while kuyaboo held the other... and then kuyaboo leads the walking around the house while the little motmot happily marches along!!! my bad for not takings vids though... so sweet and cute bro-moment! :D

Thursday, June 26, 2014


a little playtime before sleep... ewan anong naisip ng daddyboo at nagpaka-motorcycle sya.... it was just kuyaboo at first pero gustong umangkas ng motmot... how cute how he instantly know that he has to hold on to kuyaboo's waist!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

first haircut ng mateo

we've tried to stick to the pamahiin of cutting the baby's hair for the first time only after his first birthday.... so 10days after our little buddha turned 1 we head to kuyaboo's kiddie salon... mateo got excited at the site of the car chairs.... but started to be in shock and crying when the blue cloth to prevent hair from sticking to him was wrapped around him and he cant play with his hands... he was already in a bad mood before the cutting started, so it was a cry-fest the whole time....

awwww..... :-(

mateo's 12th month shoot

this will be our last of this shoot since mateo's already 1... but we'll start another series, hoping this time mommyboo will be included!!! :-)

it was easier in the sense that the kuyaboo and the daddyboo was soooo game, but it was mateo who was not in the mood... hehehe i still love how cute the photos turned out (despite the window shadows hehe).... :-)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

shiela's sta cruz despedida (part 1 of 2)

shiela's sta cruz island padespedida favorite photos.... this set's from my cameras only, will have a separate post for photos from everybody else's camera.... :-)

impromptu mangrove planting

we were on the pink sand Sta Cruz Island for a little despedida for Shiela while finally giving in to her wish to see the island (after being in zamboanga city for 2years!!!)... but we had an extra trip to a part of the island that is normally not allowed for visitors to be explored! that's the mangrove area right in the middle of the island... :-)

we were waiting for our boat ride at Paseo del Mar when we spotted our company's chairman...we initially thought he was just in the area for some jog but informed us that he's also on the way to Sta Cruz island for some mangrove tree planting! we joked we want to join, and he said he'll have our company's streamer picked up so we'll have it documented as a company activity! hehehe so para lang may extra adventure game! :D

while waiting for the activity we were already playing and swimming, so when its time to go we're all dripping and with clothes sticking to our bodies and showing off our bilbils! :D

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

wearing kuyaboo

i wonder what mamat's yaya is thinking letting him wear kuya pao's big sandos and shorts.... and at this instance even the bag.... and the little buddha loved it and he looked sooooo adorable!!! :-) he loves the feel of the bag on his back... feel na feel nya ang getup na to.... :D


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