Saturday, June 21, 2014

impromptu mangrove planting

we were on the pink sand Sta Cruz Island for a little despedida for Shiela while finally giving in to her wish to see the island (after being in zamboanga city for 2years!!!)... but we had an extra trip to a part of the island that is normally not allowed for visitors to be explored! that's the mangrove area right in the middle of the island... :-)

we were waiting for our boat ride at Paseo del Mar when we spotted our company's chairman...we initially thought he was just in the area for some jog but informed us that he's also on the way to Sta Cruz island for some mangrove tree planting! we joked we want to join, and he said he'll have our company's streamer picked up so we'll have it documented as a company activity! hehehe so para lang may extra adventure game! :D

while waiting for the activity we were already playing and swimming, so when its time to go we're all dripping and with clothes sticking to our bodies and showing off our bilbils! :D

almost everybody stayed on the wooden planks that served as walkways...lahat takot malubog sa putik! but leila and shiela experienced falling and getting dirty!!! but jiji, ronald and mel were the daring ones and went quite far from the planks to plant... :-)

created and posted: July 2-4, 2014

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