Sunday, June 22, 2014

first haircut ng mateo

we've tried to stick to the pamahiin of cutting the baby's hair for the first time only after his first birthday.... so 10days after our little buddha turned 1 we head to kuyaboo's kiddie salon... mateo got excited at the site of the car chairs.... but started to be in shock and crying when the blue cloth to prevent hair from sticking to him was wrapped around him and he cant play with his hands... he was already in a bad mood before the cutting started, so it was a cry-fest the whole time....

awwww..... :-(

he sure is a momma's boy!

but somebody was soooo eager to have a haircut even before we entered... "haba haba" na daw hair nya.... and this is the first time that he was playing the manibela frantically while having his hair cut...

naging little shaolin si mateo in an instant! hihihi 

created and posted: July 02-04, 2014

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