Saturday, June 28, 2014

new found playground!

spur of the moment joy ride dahil we need to buy stuff to cook for dinner.... we passed by daddyboo's workplace which is just near our place... the boys loved the big space.... i think it's mateo's first time to be running around a grassy area dahil parang nghehesitate pa sya when he initially stepped on the grass part and went back to the paved area... the last time we brought him in a grassy place e hindi pa sya nakakalakad on his own... he eventually love the soft feel of the grass too! 

kuyaboo: you're looking like a big boy here already... makes mommy forget sometimes that you're not even 3!!! please don't get too excited to grow up, let's take things slow please....

staying on his safe zone first...

he loved this bars... he might love real monkey bars in old school parks! hope to find one here in zambo soon!

still avoiding the grassy part... :-)

sweetheart, you're just 2... please try to act your age muna... :-) mmwuah!

finally feeling secure in the grassy part with kuyaboo!!!

feeling soooo binata!

space!!!!! and grassss!!!


daddyboo love.... :-)

created and posted: July 02-05, 2014

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