Saturday, June 28, 2014

little car driving

we head straight to Yubenco for our stocks for dinner after playing at daddyboo's office...and while we're there the boys can not let driving little cars pass... so off they go.... 

the mateo had always been the more adventurous one and was never scared... he sits on his car like it's already a regular thing for him

the kuyaboo had finally let go of his "fear" (which i think is not real fear hehe) with these little buddies.... we have brought him here several times before when he was just mateo's age but he would always have a crying moment so we end up wasting the payment... hehe but now... he doesn't even need anyone to be with him, he drives around like a pro... even good at maneuvering to ensure he does not bump people passing... way to go sweetheart! :-)

we can not leave unless he gets to ride on this yellow car! he has to drive bumble bee before leaving! hehehe (halos wala na kasing batt tong yellow when he first tried it kaya he ended with a red car earlier)

created and posted: July 02-05,2014

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