Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Zambo Resto Review: Early Birds (Shawarma)

i'm a huge shawarma fan... i remember my sunday groceries back in Manila... i would usually end up not just carrying my grocery bag but also that irresistable Baba Shawarma back home. :-)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Zambo Resto Review: Bergeroni Pizza & Pasta House

it's nice to know that lately Zamboanga City had been experiencing sprouting of nice restos... eversince I got back here last year i've been on a hunt for a perfect foodie place... but so far there's only 4 that i'm very willing to go back to, mainly because of the ambiance... food-wise, still needs a lot of improvement...:D at this point, i'm still in the level where i would prefer to just go home and cook... hehe but still, i have my hopes up that Zamboanga City can be a foodie haven too! :-)


Bergeroni Pizza and Pasta House opened I think October this year... Location is where CoffeeMyx used to be (Midtown Plaza Mall, where you'll find the first KFC branch in Zambo). I was excited to try it after finding out that another possible tambayan/meeting place is going to open in that location. So we agreed to have our Alumni Homecoming meeting there this week....

Monday, November 22, 2010

Colonia Penal de San Ramon - oldest prison

woke up one day and found myself in San Ramon Prison and Penal Farm... hehe just kidding... we went there to check on some items for our Christmas party and office decor this year....

growing up in Zamboanga City, the San Ramon Penal colony was actually an obscure fact for me, and I suppose for many residents of the City.... i think the first time I heard about it was when I was in highschool...but it was an info that don't matter in one's everyday so it just past me.... but now, i found out more interesting facts about this unnoticed place in Zamboanga... (i would usually google about something that i'll be blogging so i can add some bits of info, but this one was also a surprise for me...)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

old Zambo building restoration

this is an old building that is just across Zamboanga City Hall... i was initially horrified when I saw that its roofs were gone.... i thought it was being demolished.... but then realized that it would probably be impossible for the local government to tear it down considering it's one of the few old buildings left here and it's just neighbor with the city's main home....

then i got a confirmation that it is indeed being renovated! yey to that!!! :-) hope other remaining old structures in the city will be given attention for preservation too!

16 November 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

in transit to basilan

it's a bit sad that this area is perceived dangerous... although at times it may be... i for one wasn't able to do this trip all my life except early this year... and i'm just happy i'm able to have my 2nd time this year too!

this side of the world is blessed with awesome sunsets everyday (well except when weather's not good which is quite rare down here).... it's more awesome to actually watch it while in the middle of the ocean... :-) we left Zamboanga City at past 4pm, and the RORO trip would usually take 1.5-2hours to Isabela City, Basilan... just perfect timing for us to catch the sunset while on the ship... 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

hammie ginto!

my not so new baby! :-)

Mindanao Bloggers Zambo tour

Day after the 4th Mindanao Bloggers Summit, the organizers included a mini tour around the city specially for the participants from other parts of Mindanao.... say free tour and promding chamimay will definitely be there.... hehe ;D

First stop: Yakan Weaving Village. It was also my first time there, although it is just right outside the La Vista del Mar beach which is quite near the city's main town... i will definitely include this in the itinerary im preparing for my visitors here next year! :-) They sell yakan-weaved items...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

meet mr.Owl

i've lost my bike pendant while taking photos in Tumaga Footbridge last month.... I thought i've also lost my necklace fettish along with it.... but i found myself on a hunt again for a pretty necklace... it's difficult to do that here in Zamboanga since we have really few options.... but i'm ecstatic to find Mr.Owl!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

my thoughts on the 4th Mindanao Bloggers Summit

first heard about Mindanao Bloggers Summit last year from my friend Grace... i cant remember how our conversation started but her mentioning of the bloggers summit she attended in CDO got me intrigued... and all the more giddy when she told me it'll be in Zamboanga this year. :-)

i just started to blog last year.... and this is my first time to go to a blogger's event... i did't know what to expect.... i went there not knowing what exactly i want to get out of it.... once i got there i realized it will be a whole day worth of talk... i was worried i will get bored, thinking i should have brought my laptop with me... but to my surprise i loved every bit of the summit.... the speakers were great, i like what they talked about and how although they went there independently but each of their message complements each other... and i didn't even think of getting a cup of coffee just to keep me up the whole time.... i was hooked from start to finish! :-)
class picture!!! Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ukay zamboanga!

i used to be not an ukay fan... mainly because i don't have the patience to shop & dig! even in malls, when i buy clothes i only get attracted to those on display... it takes a while for me to get attracted to pieces just part of the many on the racks...but when Cherry, my highschool friend & housemate back in Makati, helped me find good pieces in ukay i began to get hooked.... last July, i made sure il go to an ukay shop in Manila. I had dianne and ezra to help me pick... hehehe i got good ones but each costs Php150... i was already happy about it but they told me it's expensive already.... another ukay attempt fail... hehehe

since Manila ukay is way too far from where I am now, I've decided to check Zambo's ukay  world... I know there's a lot of stalls in Sta Cruz had been there for as long as I can remember, my mom usually takes us there when we were kids... she buys some good pieces for us... that's probably the reason why I eventually repel against ukay, hehe I wanted to have NEW clothes (arte!)... but now, I find my ukay buys prettier than some of my clothes bought brand new and expensive....

Just as expected, ukay stalls still flourished in Sta Cruz market.... in fairness they also have really pretty dresses... but we went there on a Sunday, which is not a good day for ukay, I was told... nice dresses are priced Php150-Php200... so we head to what is now overthrowing Sta Cruz market's ukay.... we checked out Magay....  I had been warned that's it's too difficult there, space is too cramped, and since it's inside the city's public market odor is really unbearable.... good thing I had colds that time... I didn't have to worry about the smell. :D but my goodness! look at the prices..... skirts are sold for Php25, and blouses are just Php15!!! (no dresses! urgh!)... you just need to be a good hunter then....

Monday, November 8, 2010


i'm sure almost all of us had gone through a stage where we begged our parents to buy us a balloon when we saw a manong with all those colorful floaters.... :-)

but when did these shaped and printed balloons replaced those good old round ones in parks? i cant remember.... just woke up one day to see these everywhere and the simple round ones are just being used in parties and motorcades, no more park life for them...

honestly, i prefer the round balloons.... i find them happier to look at and less complicated hehe

all saint's day zamboanga city 2010

our family usually spends the whole day in a cemetery during all saint's day... for several years it's always in Forest Lake in Tumaga, Zamboanga City.


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