Monday, November 8, 2010

all saint's day zamboanga city 2010

our family usually spends the whole day in a cemetery during all saint's day... for several years it's always in Forest Lake in Tumaga, Zamboanga City.

Forest lake is the first memorial garden in Zamboanga and is the nearest to the city's wonder on its 2nd year November1 in Forest lake is like one big picnic party already....

we still go to a public cemetery... we still keep our grandparents in Sta Maria Public Cemetery... probably one of the few public cemeteries here where you still have decent walkways.... Forest lake had somehow helped decongest all public cemeteries in the city... i was amazed at how different Nov1 in Sta Maria cemetery now compared to years before where you can barely walk because of too much crowd... now it's more peaceful to observe Nov1 there...

We spent the rest of the afternoon in Forest Lake... kids had a field day running around... picnic tables and tents galore.... this is where almost all of zamboanga went that day... traffic was just beyond words... hehe
I just slept most of the time... when I had headache from too much sleeping already I decided to go around and shoot... but it was dark already so pathetic photos... :D good thing Leila and Lynlyn were also there... we decided to go to this new part of the memorial garden where its made up of mausoleums of rich families of the feels like you're in another place... the whole area is sooo spacious, not too much people and not too much vehicles....

and this one's also new there.... although we've noticed this already when we had our jogs in Forest Lake, but it's our first time to see it lighted... it's church facade will surely catch anyone's attention.... it's a bit visible from anywhere in the park... it's actually another mausoleum.... crafty! :D

Forest Lake, Tumaga
& Sta Maria Public Cemetery
Zamboanga City
01 November 2010

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