Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ukay zamboanga!

i used to be not an ukay fan... mainly because i don't have the patience to shop & dig! even in malls, when i buy clothes i only get attracted to those on display... it takes a while for me to get attracted to pieces just part of the many on the racks...but when Cherry, my highschool friend & housemate back in Makati, helped me find good pieces in ukay i began to get hooked.... last July, i made sure il go to an ukay shop in Manila. I had dianne and ezra to help me pick... hehehe i got good ones but each costs Php150... i was already happy about it but they told me it's expensive already.... another ukay attempt fail... hehehe

since Manila ukay is way too far from where I am now, I've decided to check Zambo's ukay  world... I know there's a lot of stalls in Sta Cruz Market...it had been there for as long as I can remember, my mom usually takes us there when we were kids... she buys some good pieces for us... that's probably the reason why I eventually repel against ukay, hehe I wanted to have NEW clothes (arte!)... but now, I find my ukay buys prettier than some of my clothes bought brand new and expensive....

Just as expected, ukay stalls still flourished in Sta Cruz market.... in fairness they also have really pretty dresses... but we went there on a Sunday, which is not a good day for ukay, I was told... nice dresses are priced Php150-Php200... so we head to what is now overthrowing Sta Cruz market's ukay.... we checked out Magay....  I had been warned that's it's too difficult there, space is too cramped, and since it's inside the city's public market odor is really unbearable.... good thing I had colds that time... I didn't have to worry about the smell. :D but my goodness! look at the prices..... skirts are sold for Php25, and blouses are just Php15!!! (no dresses! urgh!)... you just need to be a good hunter then....

this is what we have to go through going there and going out.... ukay carts all over! and tooooo many people! (it was Nov1 the next day, probably one of the reasons why it's too crowded that day)... good thing it didn't rain that afternoon or else it will be too slimey going out... hehehe

my ukay buddies that time: Edsel, Wayne and Juvee... we even saw Anne too! in the end I was able to buy 2 skirts, 1 cute belt and 1 jumper dress....and i was able to help juvee find a skirt and a tank top pair... hehe (i just hope i'll see her wear the combination soon! hehe)

it wasn't a bad ukay experience afterall... i wanna go back!!! specially in Sta Cruz market when it's a good day to go and prices are lower.... :D

just some personal rumblings about ukay:
i know this is in a way illegal because these clothes are supposed to be donations or something.... the government is even planning to tax them in order to discourage and regulate them and in that way protecting local textile industry....

but my take: it's giving Filipinos cheaper and chic options to clothes... been following several bloggers who are ukay queens in their own rights... and how lovely they're able to revive their thrifted clothes... it provides a healthy competition with expensive-but-sometimes-not-worth-it brand new clothes.... just let it stay... regulating them is ok... but please dont let them close business hehehe :D

Sta Cruz Market & Magay
Zamboanga City
31 October 2010

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