Thursday, November 18, 2010

in transit to basilan

it's a bit sad that this area is perceived dangerous... although at times it may be... i for one wasn't able to do this trip all my life except early this year... and i'm just happy i'm able to have my 2nd time this year too!

this side of the world is blessed with awesome sunsets everyday (well except when weather's not good which is quite rare down here).... it's more awesome to actually watch it while in the middle of the ocean... :-) we left Zamboanga City at past 4pm, and the RORO trip would usually take 1.5-2hours to Isabela City, Basilan... just perfect timing for us to catch the sunset while on the ship... 

i tagged along with my dude's fam, my huge reason why i can go to Basilan without worries... :-) waiting time before the ship leaves zamboanga gave us opportunity to shoot... the ship is actually a photog's haven, lots of stuff to open shoot... :-) i particularly loved the yellow banca, the kids playing, ropes, reflection of the other ship on the water and a whole lot of camwhoring from my dude and his sibs... :-)

and when finally the sun is on its last moments before ending the day, we were treated with a slight breeze and a lot of breathtaking views... more like a relaxing cruise... :-) we were almost near Isabela at this point, so there are a few bancas doing their rounds before ending the day, some houses on stilts and more locals just doing their usual stuff...

in transit: Zamboanga-Basilan
23 October 2010

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  1. Basilan is a beautiful place.. I worked there for almost 2 years.. it's a pity that lawlessness and terrorism are associated with the place.



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