Monday, November 8, 2010


i'm sure almost all of us had gone through a stage where we begged our parents to buy us a balloon when we saw a manong with all those colorful floaters.... :-)

but when did these shaped and printed balloons replaced those good old round ones in parks? i cant remember.... just woke up one day to see these everywhere and the simple round ones are just being used in parties and motorcades, no more park life for them...

honestly, i prefer the round balloons.... i find them happier to look at and less complicated hehe

but it's also fun to look at these newbies.... love that spongebob in particular.... the spiderman... it just makes me laugh everytime i see it... hehehe

here's one lucky manong. he sold his stuff around Forest Lake last Nov1, and the kids they just swarmed to him and almost each had its own balloon after.... i find this too expensive, one balloon costs Php70.00. is it really that much???

balloons always works as a pacifier for kids hehe... they stopped running around and just stayed in one place playing with their balloons, trying with all their might to keep it from flying away or from bursting...

but no matter how much care, many balloons escaped that day.... my thoughts, another garbage to whereever these will fall later.... :-(
just a little pro-environment ramblings:

i hope awareness on the danger of balloons to the environment can be increased... a lot of organizations still do that balloon releasing during some of their events.... the effects of balloons falling had been highlighted several times by many environmentalists... these balloons eventually fall back to earth cluttering up whereever they fall... on the beach, balloons are engulfed by sea turtles, sea birds, and fishes, often blocking the digestive tract and causing death. Some actually rise so high they break, falling into the ocean, becoming shaped like a jellyfish, umbrella top with dangling rubber tentacles. Many birds and turtles were found with balloons blocking the digestive tract.

I just wish more campaigns will be done for this... the new balloons in my photos above may have replaced the rubber round ones, but these are still plastics.... non-biodegradable.... let's be conscious with releasing balloons everyone please.....

Forest Lake Memorial Garden
Tumaga, Zamboanga City
01 November 2010


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