Tuesday, November 16, 2010

hammie ginto!

my not so new baby! :-)

i was actually thinking of getting myself a beetle.... just because i know how good it'll be in photos... hehehe but still i ended up with a vintage car.... he's a Mitubishi Lancer... first generation more or less... way older than me!!! hehe

i opted to go for vintage for 3 main reasons: 
  • it all boils down to good effect on photos hehe 
  • i dunno how to drive yet so im pretty sure my first car would end up with a gazillion bumps hehe so i must get something easy to practice with first... 
  • and i'm sooo kuripot it's all i can afford at the moment... heeee! :-)

about the name.... hmmn, i initially thought of naming him ginto because of his color, but then i remember i named Leo's motorbike Zoe, the eldest in my fave comic strip Baby Blues. So i'm naming my first car Hammie, 2nd kid in Baby Blues.... and I just thought of giving him two names would sound cute and baduy at the same time ... so he will be Hammie Ginto. :-)

hammie still needs a few checks and changes here and there and he's good to go.... and i need to work on my license and get my butt behind the wheels soon! :-)

Leo's place
Sta Maria, Zamboanga City
16 November 2010

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