Monday, November 22, 2010

Colonia Penal de San Ramon - oldest prison

woke up one day and found myself in San Ramon Prison and Penal Farm... hehe just kidding... we went there to check on some items for our Christmas party and office decor this year....

growing up in Zamboanga City, the San Ramon Penal colony was actually an obscure fact for me, and I suppose for many residents of the City.... i think the first time I heard about it was when I was in highschool...but it was an info that don't matter in one's everyday so it just past me.... but now, i found out more interesting facts about this unnoticed place in Zamboanga... (i would usually google about something that i'll be blogging so i can add some bits of info, but this one was also a surprise for me...)

  • It was actually considered as the second oldest penitentiary in the Philippines but the closure of the Old Bilibid Prison in 1940 made this place the oldest existing penitentiary today.
  • Established August 31, 1870 for persons convicted of political crimes.
  • This was closed during the Spanish-American war because of the damages it endured. But this was re-opened during the American time.
  • On November 1906, then American governor issued a decree defining the total area of the Penal Farm to contain 1,414.68 hectares.
  • However, Presidential Proclamation No.1205 of June 09,1972 transferred 500 hectares to the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) and the Zamboanga City Special Economic Zone and Freeport Authority (Zambo Ecozone).
Source: The Philsouth Angle (based on research done by Michael Vincent Caceres)

I didn't know all these... I'm particularly giddy about the fact that this is the oldest Penal Colony in the country today....   

looks like the compound where they keep the prisoners is big, they have a lot of space to move around.... cramped prisons in Manila is what sticks in my mind hehe... they have their own hospital too...

the prisoners were being asked to work in farms. they also have their own school, all who can't read and write are required to attend school... also, they were taught to create a lot of handicrafts which are being sold in their handicraft center... although some were even sold directly by the prisoners, you would hear them shouting at you their lowered prices... they would beg you to buy because at least this is their source of money to buy their basic needs...

San Ramon Prison & Penal Farm
San Ramon, Zamboanga City
09 November 2010


  1. Naku, the prisoners in Muntinlupa may want to transfer there. The place looks so clean and well-maintained. Thanks for sharing the pics. xoxo

  2. yeah... :-) i think some time last year i've heard that there were plans to transfer some of the Munti inmates here... but it didnt push through i guess...

    thanks for dropping by ms leah! :-)

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  4. ano tawag sa BARKO SA LOOB NG BOTE >/?

  5. tnx sa gmwa n2..nk2long k ng mlaki skin :)

  6. wow! that's nice to know... thanks too for dropping by... :-)

  7. I was working at Mar Fishing in the early 80's and went to the San Ramon Prison to buy gifts.I remember walking up to the exterior of the prison and watching dozens and dozens of prisoners thrusting items throught the bars for sale .I wished I could have purchased every remarkably made craft . I still have the grass/bamboo pictures and every time I look at them I think of those guys vying for my dollar{s}.


  9. nice blog... i need more info about their other activities other than handicrafts. and what type of prisoners are confined there.

  10. prisoners sentenced 3years and 1day and above are confined in that prison(BUCOR). 3years below are in JAIL/BJMP.

  11. hello po. can I ask permission sa pics nyo? gamitin ko lang po sana sa report ko about san ramon prison and penal farm. I'm a criminology student po kasi. Thank you po :))



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