Friday, January 31, 2014

house picnic

we needed to have our pipes fixed that day, since it was just our tito who did it the whole gang was there.... we spend the day picnic-style at home! loooove!

we made a (pink) umn purple mango float (because mommy was so curious adding some blue drops to the already pink cream)...

lunch was grilled fish and pork....picnic staple!!!

here's the grill-guy! sya ngbabantay ng niluluto hehe

very very busy....

we were all sweaty so we locked ourselves inside the room dahil aircon

herb babies transfer

we were able to finally get the baby herbs their pretty pots!!! and since mejo marami ang planong gawin that day, mommy decided to do the transfer first thing in the morning, otherwise, magkakatamaran at baka forever ng mag-aantay ang mga herbs and pots! hehehe

here's my little helper/samuk! :D

assigning pots!!!

...and here's mommy's little cheerer!! :-) he's soooo good na sa pagpapa-cute sa camera! :-)

we found a heart!!! it just fell right off the pomelo tree! hihi


photos by pao: january2014

paolo's mongo experiment

got the idea from pinterest.... made me remember this little experiment back in elementary. i thought it would be something interesting for paolo.... indeed it was... but we look at it daily, he was so ecstatic about the development that sometimes he shakes the bottle which freaks me out!!! hehehe

this will just be the first of the many interesting science experiments i want to do with my boys.... :-) i wish weekends are 3-days... hehehe

created and posted February 10, 2014

Sunday, January 26, 2014

water boys! (jan 26,2014)

paolo + mateo + the pool = they click oh so well!!!

my brave water boys.... :-) ooohh im one proud momma! :D

this was mateo's first swim! loooove how he was initially observing and then so giggly when he finally figured out what's going on.... hehehehe  :D

oh and i have to say this.... im sooo happy with this photo series....because i get to be in front of the camera for a change!!! it's the daddyboo taking the photos, happy how it all turned out, he's getting my photo taste already.... hurray!!!

looooove this photo of me and my sweetheart

of fresh air and lotsa space! (jan 26, 2014)

this will be one of our favorite place (let's try to keep this one a secret) hehehe.... we love how it was a sunday and it's almost just us in the resort.... although there was a wedding setup we've only seen a few of the guests while we were there.... and best, we've also noted only a few weekend goers...kinda making the place all to our own... 

we went around since it was almost everyone's first time... good thing we brought paolo's bike so he didn't asked to be carried! yey! mateo also enjoyed his walking too! it's a nice idea that this will be one of our family's secret place.... :-)

quick haircut trip (jan 26, 2014)

this is not his first haircut.... we have been to this kiddie salon several times since his first (nasa Mindpro pa sila nun).... but i never get to blog about it.... as far as i know this is the only kiddie salon in zamboanga (oh please correct me if im wrong).... i appreciate how good they are at handling kids, even during the times when my paolo was oh so scared of that car seat, or is refusing to have a haircut...we got it done in less than 15minutes! :-) with paolo loving the kiliti feel of the razor.... the staff are good and extra friendly that's why we keep on coming back... :-) soon our mateo will also have his first haircut here....

will blog about the name of this place (i think parang Kiddie Salon lang din)... this is located along Veterans Avenue Extension, in front of the DPWH Regional office (for more landmarks, there is a Lei Empanada and Siopao shop and another family dental clinic).

Saturday, January 25, 2014

paotalk: ilonggoness and smartass-ing baby boy!

ok before ko makalimutan na naman tong mga nakakalokang banat ng paolo namin (he's 2yrs 3months now), would love to share it here:

1) part of his regular speech these days ang mga ilonggo words/expressions na to:
    - "ka da'!" or equivalent ng "ka dyan!" in tagalog.... used in a smartass way like this:
                   mommy: pao love na love mo play sa choochoo train mo ngayon a...
                   paolo: choochoo train ka da'!

    - "ara" meaning meron or nandyan.
                    paolo: mommy ara na pizza!!! pera mommy, pera!

     - "gane" or equivalent to "yun pala" or "pala" in tagalog. may be used to emphasize 
                     mommy: naligo ka na pao?
                     paolo: ligo na
                     mommy: (did not hear what pao answered) ano ulit?
                     paolo: ligo na gane....

2) paolo after us walking from where daddylo initially parked the pickup and then noticing that it was actually following us walk to the park:
               paolo: "baliw daddylo, pinalakad papao!"

3) while eating dinner, daddyboo overlooked a small tendon of a chicken feet, included it in a spoonful of food given to paolo and then the little boy noticing it:
                paolo: "daddyboo talaga, subo ang buto kay papao!"

scary to think about mga banat nya lately, but it has its funny side too.... must reinforce guiding him in choosing words and ways to express his thoughts.... :-)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

taking over kuya's high chair! (jan 23,2014)

well, not really takeover but hiram lang.... :-) we're loving having our cerelac time in the dining table, so we borrowed kuya's... kelangan ng magpagawa ng isa pa.... dahil although kuya is a big boy na, he still uses this chair during mealtime para di malikot ng bongga.... so we really need another one, mateo seems love the time he joined us for breakfast! :-) 

i cant imagine having my 2 boys at the dining table at the same time.... riot! hehehe

created and posted January 27, 2014

Monday, January 20, 2014

walker mode na! (jan 20, 2014)

i guess 2nd borns usually are the ones who get to have stronger personalities dahil walang arte.... hand-me-downs or not kebs tlga! we started with the hand-me-downs sa clothes, now sa walker naman.... :-) he's loving it, and kuya too (kasi gusto sya ang madalas nakasakay! haha) parang ambilis tlga ng panahon, nasa isip ko our mateo is still our little baby....pero he's progressing on his own so beautifully.... when i try to look back at pao's photos during this stage, oo nga big boy mode na talaga at 7months.... i cant believe im having 2 binata in a blink!!! you're catching up way too fast sweetheart! we love you to bits!!!! mmmwuah!

here's a little sneak to our laway-monster! he's growing a tooth or 2 on the upper fron so we're drooling everywhere! :-)

created and posted January 27, 2014

my new baby herbs!

finally! im giving this wish another chance.... last time i was only able to get sweet basil and then i completely forgot about it, i actually don't know where in my parents' garden that poor thing is...or maybe it died already.... this time, i bought plenty para ma-force na ako to take care of them otherwise sayang ang money... hehehe :-) im getting them pretty pots as soon as able (sana after work today but i have to attend to the new payroll system pa...waaahh!) anyways, im still happy was able to start this on the first month of the year.... i will sustain this! i swear! hihihi will update this blog about these babies 3months later, i hope they are all still alive by then! :D

i got the following:
1 purple basil
1 sweet basil
1 rosemary
1 tarragon
1 italian oregano
2 mint

Sunday, January 19, 2014

open space sunday for paolo (jan 19,2014)

sundays' definitely time for the kids.... :-) but we missed Mateo on this sunday kasi mommy was so in a hurry to go get the baby herbs that we have to leave before 3 para open pa yung shop.... since mateo was still asleep he missed all these.... :-(
he's now allowed to ride at the back of the pickup... and he's soooo digging it! hehehe feeling the wind as we rush through Pasonanca road.... :-)

somebody's looking so disappointed dahil mukhang di kami bababa and we're on the road home! :-) hehehe

pero nung ramdam nyang mgppark na e humirit ng "ay parking lang pala tayo...baba na tayo bilis!" and since we parked a bit far from the park, we were forced to walk.... we were laughing at daddylo's trip kaya tuloy when we saw the pickup also going to the park paolo said "baliw daddylo...pinalakad papao!" hay naku, why do kids talk this way these days.. :D

aaaannndddd... the fun begins!!!! :-)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

our first fort pilar and paseo trip together this 2014! (jan 18, 2014)

i am not a religious person... i had issues with His and everybody else's existence, but i'm already ok with that, made some peace with these things for some time already.... but the church... i still have so much "why's".... made me remember a conversation with a roommate back in college (yes Yenz! that's you just in case you get to read this hehe)... she was on the crossroad with her faith that time too, her worry was how she would raise her kids without religion and all its tradition.... made me think, well yeah my childhood was filled with lots of religious activities, though some i hated going but some still made memories that never fail to make me smile now.... 

so basically i don't know how to raise the boys without the only religion i know so much but still can not understand.... so i made a resolve that i'll try my best to let them experience it, so im letting my mamang do that most of the time (perks of living with the lola! hihi)... though this year i said to the hubby that we need to make a weekend habit of going to the church with the kids and pasyal na rin after..... tell you what, we failed big time on the first 2weekends.... but the kids and their lola have have so far only missed one saturday because of the rain... and i love how paolo looks forward going to Mama Pilar... even during the siege, after almost 2wks of being stuck inside the house he just suddenly blurted "punta Mama Pilar" which is right in the middle of the war!! hehe i still hear him say that in the middle of the week now or even on Saturdays (the day they go to Fort Pilar for the anticipated mass) my mamang would try her best to bring them except when its raining... on this saturday, despite the need to be at work, i tried to leave by 5pm and rushed to join them hear mass at the Fort Pilar shrine and konting tambay sa paseo after.... i saw how paolo love this out of the house trip.... so we're definitely keeping this. :-) 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

stuff toy fight (jan 14,2014)

we usually try to cut down on playtime before bedtime para di na masyadong hyper before sleep ang kuyaboo.... pero i guess dahil lagi kaming late umuwi for the past 2wks e ayan nakipagharutan pa ng bongga ang daddyboo.... :-) poor stitch and "baba", di man lang pillows ang ginamit... hehe

Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 wishlist and plans

im beginning to love this idea of listing my wishes and plan at the start of the year and checking how much was achieved at the end of the year.... so here's my list for this year.... :-)

  1. play school for paoloFind pao a nice play school this summer.... i've tried to ask him once last year if he wants to go to school already and he said yes. And i randomly hear him say "punta na school papao" eversince. :-) got me thinking also that if he did like play school and is actually school-ready, should i enrol him already for kinder in the next school year??? he's just 2 and will turn 3 in October.
  2. mateo's 1st birthday! Organize a fun but not so expensive 1st birthday party for our Mateo.... i think Jollibee will still have to be part of the whole act, he's just a children's party centerpiece hehehe. Good thing Mateo chose a holiday as his birthday!
  3. family photoshoot. Since mommy's always the photographer, and i have not trained the yayas or the tita yet to get the family photos i want (or the candid fam photos!) i just thought of hiring our fave photographer (who's actually into weddings) and have our candid family photo shoot (i think the fishpond would be a nice place to consider...)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

mateo's 7th month (Jan 12,2014)

we always make sure we have a cake for the pre-1yr old monthly progress of our mateo.... this month, it was extra special because we have my hubby's family over to celebrate (and sponsor the cake! hihihi).... it was my first sunday to spend with the boys too this year so every minute is for them.... it was crazy messy and noisy dahil tita leila and tita buding plus playmate baby was here! :-) another perfect ordinary!


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