Monday, January 20, 2014

walker mode na! (jan 20, 2014)

i guess 2nd borns usually are the ones who get to have stronger personalities dahil walang arte.... hand-me-downs or not kebs tlga! we started with the hand-me-downs sa clothes, now sa walker naman.... :-) he's loving it, and kuya too (kasi gusto sya ang madalas nakasakay! haha) parang ambilis tlga ng panahon, nasa isip ko our mateo is still our little baby....pero he's progressing on his own so beautifully.... when i try to look back at pao's photos during this stage, oo nga big boy mode na talaga at 7months.... i cant believe im having 2 binata in a blink!!! you're catching up way too fast sweetheart! we love you to bits!!!! mmmwuah!

here's a little sneak to our laway-monster! he's growing a tooth or 2 on the upper fron so we're drooling everywhere! :-)

created and posted January 27, 2014

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