Saturday, January 18, 2014

our first fort pilar and paseo trip together this 2014! (jan 18, 2014)

i am not a religious person... i had issues with His and everybody else's existence, but i'm already ok with that, made some peace with these things for some time already.... but the church... i still have so much "why's".... made me remember a conversation with a roommate back in college (yes Yenz! that's you just in case you get to read this hehe)... she was on the crossroad with her faith that time too, her worry was how she would raise her kids without religion and all its tradition.... made me think, well yeah my childhood was filled with lots of religious activities, though some i hated going but some still made memories that never fail to make me smile now.... 

so basically i don't know how to raise the boys without the only religion i know so much but still can not understand.... so i made a resolve that i'll try my best to let them experience it, so im letting my mamang do that most of the time (perks of living with the lola! hihi)... though this year i said to the hubby that we need to make a weekend habit of going to the church with the kids and pasyal na rin after..... tell you what, we failed big time on the first 2weekends.... but the kids and their lola have have so far only missed one saturday because of the rain... and i love how paolo looks forward going to Mama Pilar... even during the siege, after almost 2wks of being stuck inside the house he just suddenly blurted "punta Mama Pilar" which is right in the middle of the war!! hehe i still hear him say that in the middle of the week now or even on Saturdays (the day they go to Fort Pilar for the anticipated mass) my mamang would try her best to bring them except when its raining... on this saturday, despite the need to be at work, i tried to leave by 5pm and rushed to join them hear mass at the Fort Pilar shrine and konting tambay sa paseo after.... i saw how paolo love this out of the house trip.... so we're definitely keeping this. :-) 

sometimes i feel like a bad mommy not really pushing religious things on them.... but this is what i have in mind, and this is what i want them to learn and keep in their hearts:

“There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness.”  -Dalai Lama 

sometimes it makes me feel alone not being active in church activities and all that, but then i am not against it, its actually a nice place to interact, and i want my boys to take advantage of that too.... but the only thing im wishing is that they won't let religion control their lives.... there's so much good things to see and experience in this world and i just think that sometimes religion is quite limiting.... well, there's so much to talk about this, basta i want my boys to live a less complicated life, just keeping in mind kindness.... :-)

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