Sunday, January 26, 2014

quick haircut trip (jan 26, 2014)

this is not his first haircut.... we have been to this kiddie salon several times since his first (nasa Mindpro pa sila nun).... but i never get to blog about it.... as far as i know this is the only kiddie salon in zamboanga (oh please correct me if im wrong).... i appreciate how good they are at handling kids, even during the times when my paolo was oh so scared of that car seat, or is refusing to have a haircut...we got it done in less than 15minutes! :-) with paolo loving the kiliti feel of the razor.... the staff are good and extra friendly that's why we keep on coming back... :-) soon our mateo will also have his first haircut here....

will blog about the name of this place (i think parang Kiddie Salon lang din)... this is located along Veterans Avenue Extension, in front of the DPWH Regional office (for more landmarks, there is a Lei Empanada and Siopao shop and another family dental clinic).

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