Friday, January 31, 2014

house picnic

we needed to have our pipes fixed that day, since it was just our tito who did it the whole gang was there.... we spend the day picnic-style at home! loooove!

we made a (pink) umn purple mango float (because mommy was so curious adding some blue drops to the already pink cream)...

lunch was grilled fish and pork....picnic staple!!!

here's the grill-guy! sya ngbabantay ng niluluto hehe

very very busy....

we were all sweaty so we locked ourselves inside the room dahil aircon

 and watched the most exciting videos available in youtube - trucks and tractors!!! hehehe 

later tita buding and tita lelang decided to watch Frozen, and since we're done with that, we decided to play "tent" with out soccer blanket.... riot! :-)

we got bored again and decided to head out and get all sweaty and dirty again playing bike.... :-)

and then chillax after.... tambay with the big boys while they rest and drink after their day's fixin of the pipes.... :D

but someone's still hyped and decided to clean the plants.... hihihi!

created and posted February 21, 2014

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